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Wahoo KICKR BIKE Review

Wahoo KICKR  BIKE Review

It seems everyone is getting into the indoor bike business and Wahoo just upped the ante with the release of the Wahoo KICKR Bike.

From the floor of the world’s biggest bike show, Wahoo Fitness has unveiled its KICKR BIKE, the most advanced indoor cycling smart bike available today. 

While Wahoo has defined and given growth to the indoor cycling category with their family of connected trainers, grade simulators, heart rate monitors, and smart fans, the KICKR BIKE is the culmination of that product lineup, all in one bike for the data-driven, committed athlete.

The BIKE is fully customizable and adjusts at six different contact points to precisely fit the geometry of “outdoor” bikes. Shifter configurations and gear ratios are fully customizable, braking controls are built-in, and the BIKE raises and lowers to match the terrain in online training platforms. Fitting the BIKE, just like the 10-minute initial setup and assembly, is handled through the Wahoo app and your mobile device’s camera. 

Everything about the KICKR BIKE is designed to blur the line between the outdoor and indoor experience. There’s a huge community of athletes taking advantage of the precision and efficiency of indoor training. KICKR BIKE makes that process seamless.

The KICKR BIKE retails for $3499.99 and will ship in October 2019 to US customers, with Europe and other markets following in early 2020. Wahoo also released integrated cadence data and multiple Bluetooth connection ports for their KICKR and KICKR Core trainers, as well as new bundle pricing across all their KICKR products.

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