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Welcome to GearMashers!

My name is Tom Crandall and I am the owner of and have been a fitness buff, runner, triathlete, cyclist, gun lover since before many of you were born. That’s right I lived in the ’60s, forgot all about the ’70s, had funny hairstyles in the ’80s, started real work in the ’90s, and somehow managed to make it past the Y2K phenomenon.

We own a garage gym and do loads of reviews and exercise videos. We have reviewed all sorts of fitness equipment from dumbbells to barbells to running shoes to high end bikes. In 2023 we also started reviewing some of the best firearms and accessories for home defense.

Here is a sample of the brands we have worked with in the fitness industry.

I am married to my awesome wife Kathleen, who has a pilates business called PilatesPlusAustin.

Tom Crandall In Austin Texas

Over the years I have had a few bang-ups on the bike, but nothing major.  I might have cracked a rib or maybe bruised one once, but nothing that really kept me out of the game.  I love cycling and the freedom it brings.  I come from a Triathlon background rather than a pure cyclist background.  I have raced Ironmans in Brazil, Germany, the UK, and of course lots of Ironman, half Ironman and Olympics races in the US.  I finished an Ultra 100 mile running race in under 30 hours at altitude, so I am pretty well versed when it comes to equipment, racing, and nutrition.

Gear Mashers for me is a way to give back to the passions I love and to hopefully help people decide what products to get.

I would love to hear from you, so please give Gear Mashers a shout, leave some comments on articles we write,

Now get out there and lift or run or cycle or just move and take loads of pictures and videos.

Blackout Defense DTL


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