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Rapha Gilet | Cycling Vest | 2019 Review

Rapha Gilet | Cycling Vest | 2019 ReviewScore 100%Score 100%

The Rapha Gilet (http://www.rapha.ccalso known as a Cycling Vest  is designed specifically for cycling, but we have found it to be an excellent running or walking vest.  The Rapha Gilet is by far my favorite layer for spring, fall and winter conditions.  It’s lightweight and packable, so you can bring it just about anywhere.

Rapha Gilet 2017 Review

Rapha designed their gilet for changeable conditions during milder weather. It is windproof, water resistant and perfect for cool mornings, seasonal showers and brisk descents.  Made from an extremely breathable matt fabric, the central back panel uses elasticated mesh for added breathability. At just 115g (medium size) the gilet packs down to fit comfortably into a jersey pocket.

Rapha-Mens-and-Womens-Gilet Cycling Vest 2017 Review

Cut long in the back, the gilet has a shaped or ‘canted’ hem for all-weather protection and the collar has a lower profile at the back for improved riding comfort. The arm holes are faced with extra softshell fabric for reinforcement and cut to allow greater freedom of movement. The gilet has a full-length, off-set zip, making it easy to layer jerseys underneath.

Rapha designed the gilet in two distinct cuts.  A mens version and a women’s version.  The women’s version is extremely flattering curving in around the waist line and flairing out towards the shoulders and hips.  The mens version is more masculine with less curvy lines.

Reflective piping around the arm holes and on the back of the vest helps visibility and there are also reflective Rapha logos on the collar and lower back. The gilet has five rear pockets, positioned to minimize sweating and center weight when loaded. In addition to two large cargo pockets, a rear pump pocket has a rubberized grip for securely attaching a rear light. A zipped pocket with an O-ring puller is perfect for carrying keys and is bonded for a clean finish. The left panel also has a concealed valuables pocket.

Rapha-Softshell-Gillet-Friction Locks

Friction locks on the waist cord allow for easy adjustment on the move and the gilet has two elasticated cargo pockets and an additional front zipped pocket.

The right rear pocket has a buttonhole for an iPod® cable, with stylish pink cable loops running to the shoulder. The hem has a pink drawstring with friction locks for easy adjustment and eyelets for durability. The jacket is finished with a pink hanging loop.

Technical Highlights



  • Packs small enough to fit in a jersey pocket.
  • Windproof and water resistant to prevent chills.
  • Reflective piping and logos for safety.
  • Off-set front zip.
  • Two elasticated cargo pockets.
  • Zipped valuables pocket.
  • Retail $200

Fantastic Wind Breaker


Summary Having used the Rapha Gilet for over 3 years, it hasn't disappointed. It is the perfect companion for any avid cyclist or runner. Yes you can use it for running just as easily as for cycling. The Gilet takes the bite out of the wind and packs down relatively small, so you can bring it with you if the weather looks iffy. During the cold winter months, the gilet might be a bit tool light, so you might want to opt for a heavier version.


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Tom Crandall

Tom has been writing about photography, cycling, running and fitness since 1988, covering everything from the product reviews to the latest in fitness trends. Tom is the Editor-in-chief of,,,, and a few other publications, he began racing in college while getting an Information Resource Management degree at George Mason University. Based in the photography and cycling-crazed city of Austin, Texas, with his wife Kathleen and pug Olaf, Tom enjoys running, walking or riding most every day.

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  1. lameda

    A cycling vest is needed when you cycling in early morning or late in evening. Easy to pack and portable make it convenient for you.


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