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Winners Board

Sergio Botero4
Vanessa Vail2
Beth Byron1
Matt Turner1
Carolyn Dafoore3
Anne Stevenson2
Todd Hurtubise1
Alex Strong2
Kathryn Hill1

Week 1 Winners

Sergio Botero & Vanessa Vail

Week 2 Winners

Sergio Botero & Vanessa Vail

Week 3 Winners

Sergio Botero & Beth Byron

Week 4 Winners

Matt Turner & Carolyn Dafoore, Cat 1

Week 4 Raffle Winners (Received Wahoo Bottles and Scratch Labs bars)

You’ve been marked (Sergio Batola, 3-week winning streak) 

Week 5 Winners

New winners in both the men and women’s category. The competition is revving up. It’s still anyone’s race to win.

Anne Stevenson

Week 6 Winners

A new winner in the men’s category. Carolyne scores her second victory.

Carolyne Defoore & Todd Hurtubise

Week 7 Winners

Kathryn Hill

Alex Strong

Week 8 Winners

Competition is heating up Both Alex Strong and Ann Stevenson claim their 2nd wins.

Alex Strong & Anne Stevenson

Week 9 Winners

New Winners showing off their prize support of Skratch Labs and Wahoo goodness.

Week 10 Winners

Week 10 might be a lock for Sergio, that is unless someone can put a stop to Sergio’s winning streak, he will likely be the overall winner. Carolyn Dafoore, who also won this week get’s her 3rd win and with one more week could tie Sergio’s record.

Week 10 Winners – Carolyn Dafoore and Sergio Batola

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