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Tom Crandall

Tom Crandall was born and raised in Virginia and now resides in Austin, Texas. His passion has been fitness and as of 2022 currently owns and writes reviews for, a fitness based website that now focuses on everything Garage Gym related.

Tom also coaches athletes of all calibers to get and stay healthy through educational awareness.

2022 Power Lifting PRs (Gameday Barbell)

  • Bench Press – 260 pounds
  • Squat – 300 pounds
  • Deadlift – 300 pounds

Running PRs (Various locations)

  • 5K – 17:30 (Alexandria Virginia)
  • 10K – 35:36 (Washington DC)
  • 10 Mile – 56:30 (Washington DC, Cherry Blossom 10 miler)
  • Marathon – 3:09 (Austin, Texas, Austin Marathon)
  • Ironman – 10:43 (Finished 5 ironmans in 3 continents)
  • 100 Mile Run – 29:45 (Leadville Colorado)

A big goal for 2022 has been to get much more involved with weightlifting fitness companies such as American Barbell, Eleiko and Fringe Sport.


Here is a sample of the brands GearMashers Tom has worked with in the fitness industry.

2 time Ironman Winner Chris McCormack 
*7 Times Tour De France Winner – Lance Armstrong (*Disqualified)

Blackout Defense DTL


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