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2UNDR Underwear Review

2UNDR Underwear Review

Men’s underwear is sort of one of those funny topics that doesn’t get a lot of play, yet is worn every day. Underwear was more of a joke when I was growing up, with wacky commercials like Fruit of the Loom being televised and Tighty Whities being the common phrase. Then came the Michael Jordan commercials where underwear became more serious and sexy without the tighty whity sigma, yet still lacked something.

Today companies like 2UNDR have really taken the whole concept of underwear and made it an athletic extension of the body.

Observation: Anyone whose fitness-minded will immediately feel the benefits of using 2UNDR briefs and grasp the comfort of the Joey Pouch system.

The Joey Pouch

2UNDR features a unique and patented Joey Pouch™ construction to support your equipment in comfort and style. The innovative design elevates and separates a man’s most valuable assets to deliver the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact.

Observation: The pouch delivers improved airflow keeping you cool when involved in strenuous activity or simply going about a busy day.

Trunk | Boxer | Long Leg

The 2UNDR briefs come in 3 lengths including a 3″ Trunk, a 6″ Boxer and a 9″ Long leg.

Trunk | Boxer | Long Leg

Observation: For running I consider the 6″ boxer to be optimal and use it for all my runs. The Joey Pouch is perfect for keeping things where they need to be and the 6″ length helps prevent any chafing from occurring.

2UNDR Packaging

Every 2UNDR underwear comes in a nice black or white box displaying the 2 | UNDR logo and contains a little bit of info on the product.


Why YES there are. While I have only tested out the Powershift model, they also have Dayshift, Swingshift, and Nightshift. Beyond that, 2UNDR also makes other apparel.

Checkout 2UNDR for more information.

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Tom Crandall

Tom has been writing about photography, cycling, running and fitness since 1988, covering everything from the product reviews to the latest in fitness trends. Tom is the Editor-in-chief of,,,, and a few other publications, he began racing in college while getting an Information Resource Management degree at George Mason University. Based in the photography and cycling-crazed city of Austin, Texas, with his wife Kathleen and pug Olaf, Tom enjoys running, walking or riding most every day.

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