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Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Sunglasses Review

We just received the all-new Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Sunglasses to review.

Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses Review

The Lightshifters are cycling-specific sunglasses designed for top performance. In fact, the Lightshifter glasses were used by the AG2R La Mondiale team during this year’s Tour de France. It should come as no surprise considering Bolle has been making performance glasses for riders in the Tour since 1958.

AG2R La Mondiale team wearing Bolle Lightshifter (@Photo credits: Kevin Bottin)
@Photo credits: Kevin Bottin

Bollé Lightshifter Unboxing

We were sent a sample of the Bollé Lightshifter sunglasses, so we didn’t get the typical retail packaging that normally would come with the glasses including a Bollé sunglass case and a cleaning cloth.

Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses with the Bollé Furo MIPS Helmet
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses with the Bollé Furo MIPS Helmet
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses Front View
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses Front View

The Bollé Lightshifter nose piece is adjustable and removable. It’s a bit hard to see, but the glasses come with a horizontal vent near the top of the glasses to allow airflow.

At the bottom of the glasses, there is some edging that makes the glasses look a bit cooler. It’s not that noticeable unless you look at them up close, but I thought it was a neat feature.

Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses Rear View
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses Rear View

The Lightshifters use Bollé’s Thermogrip technology which helps keep the sunglasses from sliding or slipping while riding.

Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses Side View
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses using the Bollé sunglass garage
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses using the Bollé sunglass garage
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses using the Bollé sunglass garage
Bollé Lightshifter Cycling Glasses using the Bollé sunglass garage side view

Bollé Lightshifter Review

The Lightshifter’s get their pedigree from the Shifter Phantom but have been made to provide a wider field view thanks to the removal of the lower frame.

The glasses are what Bollé refers to as semi-rimless, which reduces weight and provides better viewing. The nose bridge is adjustable and ear side pieces were designed to hold their grip. Bollé uses what they call Thermogrip to keep the glasses from moving around. It is essentially a grippy rubber compound and it seems to work even if you sweat a lot.

The glasses use vent at the top to provide a bit of airflow, which helps reduce the possibility of fogging. Speaking of fogging, the Lightshifters are treated with a special coating (Anti – Fog P80+) that Bollé says will prevent fogging altogether. It seems to work because I have yet to get them fogged up.

Our Lightshifters came equipped with a blueish photochromic lens, meaning it can adjust to changes in lighting. I found the lenses made every color a bit more appealing. For instance, the blue sky was bluer, yellow flowers were more yellow and so on. It definitely made the riding experience more enjoyable.

Bollé’s NXT Photochromatic lenses adjusted quickly depending on the lighting conditions.

For those that need prescription lenses, the Lightshifters frames will accept prescription lenses without having to add additional holders. Bollé can simply swap out the standard lens for a prescription lens.

As someone who sweats a lot, the hydrophobic treatment repelled the sweat without issue.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a good set of cycling sunglasses at a good price point (Lightshifter with the Phantom lens is $200 and with all other lens are $130), you will not be disappointed with the Bollé Lightshifters. The overall coverage is really good and since there is no frame at the bottom of the glasses you have a wider field of view.

While the sunglasses don’t have as much adjustability as some other sunglasses I have tested, it didn’t seem to matter. I found there wasn’t really any need to do adjustments. I just popped them on and went riding without issue.

If you plan on using the glasses during various lighting conditions, go ahead and purchase the glasses with the Phantom lens.

To find out more information checkout Bollé’s website.

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    I love the color. It seems that this cycling sunglasses can match many outfits.


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