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Definite Article Sock and Apparel Review (2023)

Definite Article Sock and Apparel Review (2023)

Performance wear made differently – with planetary love in mind.

We met Definite Article at the Austin TRE (The Running Event ) in December of 2022. Their booth stood out to us, and specifically their sock lineup. With a clean design and classic features, as well as positive message in both word and action – taking the problems of plastic head on and helping to do something about it, we knew that a Definite Article Sock and apparel review would be an important message to share.

Definite Article is an athletic clothing brand changing the way performance wear is made. Sustainability is what they have in mind. Sustainability of your athletic wear for the time you have it and use it, and sustainability for our planet once we have outworn our athletic clothing. Yes we can have both! Quality clothing and quality care for our planet.

Many athletic clothing lines are made of plastic materials that are not friendly to our planet once the clothing has run its course. They often wind up in landfills and sit there an accumulate more toxic garbage. These fabrics / materials will be on this planet longer than we are alive. Imagine that!

Definite Article does it differently. “Definite Article is the planet’s first biodegradable performance brand.” They use a natural additive called CiCLO during the manufacturing process. This allows the fabrics to break down and specifically biodegrade in “less than 2.5 years when in a landfill, seawater, or soil conditions.”

To learn more about CiCLO, check out the Definite Article FAQ page.

Definite Article Ankle Sock Review –

Definite article sock review - Gearmashers

When I first saw the Definite Article design with their socks, I knew they were something special and something worthy of checking out. They proved me right, and proved to be more than quality looks. I was delighted to do a DA sock review!

Their ankle socks are the best out there in my opinion. I have tried and tested countless athletic socks and have become somewhat…well, very picky on which ankle socks I prefer. Here are the main reasons why I choose Definite Article ankle socks above any other athletic sock out there.

  • Not too thick, not too thin. The cushioning is just right. It’s not too thick where feet will sweat excessively, but there is enough cushioning for comfort.
  • Breathable / Even Temperature. My feet stay warm without overheating.
  • Higher lip around back of ankle. This helps with any harsh rubbing from shoes.
  • Anti-slipping / No bunching. The technology and compression keep this sock in place!
  • Low cut around sides of ankle – sleek style
  • Clean colors / styles – Fun bright color options as well as classic.

Definite article sock review - gearmashers

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Definite Article socks, check them out! They have other socks as well. No show, and fun classic designed crew socks for men and women!

Definite Article Apparel – Sports Bra

My favorite thing about this sports bra is that while it fits snuggly, it does not feel constraining in any way. This is key for me personally. While I want good support for when I go on a run, or if I’m doing moderate impact workouts, I don’t like to feel smooshed or constricted anywhere. The DA sports bra gives me the support and comfort I need for a workout. It also allows me to wear it comfortably throughout the entire day if I choose to wear it out and about.

All in all, Definite Article has a not just a good thing going – but a truly GOOD and Great thing going on! Their entire apparel line for both Men and Women include excellent socks, shirts, leggings, shorts, and sports bras as well as some jackets. Next time you purchase or put on athletic apparel, ask yourself where will it go once you’re done wearing it well. Sustainable, Biodegradable, and impassioned for our planet – Definite Article – Definitely check them out!

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Kathleen Crandall

Kathleen has taught Pilates, yoga, and fitness and for over 15 years. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and holistic nutrition coach. She is passionate about writing and sharing tips on fitness, nutrition, and her favorite health related products. She has worked in schools as an art teacher and PE and health educator. When she is not out there teaching or writing, she can be found outdoors being adventurous with her husband and their fun loving German Shorthaired Pointer.

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