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Flamingo Cup

Flamingo Cup Summer Series

Flamingo Cup Summer Series

The Details

Start Date:  June 22nd, 2019 (1st Saturday after First official day of summer)
End Date:  August 31st, 2019 (Labor Day weekend)
Total Duration:  11 weeks
Location:  Mellow Johnny’s bike shop.  400 Nueces Street
Time:  7:45 am
Route:  vary weekly between 40-50 miles
Pace:  average 17 mph depending on the route

This will become an annual summer series.


Each Saturday, during the Middle Of The Road ride (MOTR) there will be a designated sprint section – the winner of the sprint section will receive a small Flamingo token/prize and a prize from our sponsors and and

The male and female collecting the most Flamingo prizes over the duration of the series will receive the prestigious Flamingo Cup and a Wahoo Bolt bike computer.

Routes will vary weekly as will sprint segments – see website for dates.
The route, sprint section, and sponsor prize will be posted the evening before each ride – before midnight.

The Flamingo Cup sprint occurs during the ride, but it is not necessary to compete to enjoy the ride. After the sprint, we will meet at a designated spot nearby, and ride back into Mellow Johnny’s together at a social pace. We promise to continue to make the MOTR fun for everyone involved.

The MOTR Ride is a social ride, open to anyone wanting to ride some miles, make friends and enjoy themselves. It’s a no-drop ride, however, you are expected to have the ability to ride 40-50 miles, sustain 17-20 mph, change your tire/Uber app on phone. Experience riding in groups and drafting is helpful.

Segment prizes/week:

  • Flamingo token
  • Sponsor prize
  • Picture and name posted on the website

Grand prize/final prize:

  • The Flamingo Cup (trophy)
  • Wahoo Bolt Computer
  • Picture and name on social media (Facebook, Instagram…)
  • 2 Flamingo Cup Jerseys

Weekly Winners


Route Information

Week 2 (Cycling Route)
Week 3 (Cycling Route)
Week 4 (Cycling Route)
Week 5 (Cycling Route)
Week 6 (Cycling Route)
Week 7 (Cycling Route)
Week 8 (Cycling Route – Same As Week 3)
Week 9 (Cycling Route – Same As Week 2)
Week 10 (Cycling Route – Same as Week 5)
Week 11 (Cycling Route – Same as Week 4)

Prizes & Sponsors

Cool Discount Codes

FlamingoCup19Hill Killer (30% off of Flamingo Cycling Apparel)
SKRATCH25Skratch Labs (25% off products)

Gear Mashers Logo 2018

1 overall winner (Male or Female) will receive a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT compliments of

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt Review 2018 bar Aero Bar End Attachement
Check out the Bolt Review

Hill Killer

Male and Female winners will both receive stylish flamingo jerseys from Hill Killer. Cyclists who participate in the Flamingo Cup can order Hill Killer (Flamingo bib shorts, jerseys, and other flamingo items) at 30% off. (Just use FlamingoCup19 at checkout)

Castle Hill Fitness

Thai Massage (2 45 minute massages and $25 off massage certificates for Flamingo Cup Riders)

Orangetheory Fitness

1 free class for cyclists and 1 free week for both male and female winners. August 10 is Orangetheory sponsor day!

Scratch Labs

Scratch Labs donated a bunch of Boxes of yummy Skratch Bars and Hydration Drink mix. These products will be handed out to Winners and various contests.

Here is a blog post for fueling up.


Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness donated a large number of water bottles and koozie to be given out throughout the series.

Blackout Defense DTL


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