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Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket Review

Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket Review

We just received some very cool Gore Wear apparel perfect for fall and winter training.

Our samples included

  • GORE R5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM Soft Lined Zip-Off Hooded Jacket (Size XL)
  • GORE R3 Melange Shirt (Size XL)
Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket

To get a better understanding of Gore Wear Terminology, I have included a brief description of what the letters and numbers mean.

  • – Running.
  • – Cycling.
  • C7/R7 – The closest fitting products designed specifically for performance cycling/running.
  • C5/R5 – Products designed for cycling/running but with a more relaxed design.
  • C3/R3 – Products designed for multi-purpose use. Great for cycling, running, and general outdoor use. Straight-cut products that are versatile and suitable for a range of activities.

Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket Review

Gore’s use of Infinium, a strong, synthetic polymer (ePTFE) already inside the membrane of GORE-TEX supposedly changes the feel to be a bit more comfortable. Unlike full GORE-TEX, the ePTFE coating is weather resistant rather than fully waterproof. The upside is the jacket breaths better than its fully GORE-TEX counterpart.

A huge innovation in performance outer layers, this Infinium Soft Lined Hoodie remains extremely light, soft and comfortable and ensures the body stays warm and temperature regulated when you work out. Alongside premium next-to-skin comfort, this hooded jacket will be a go-to favorite.

Gore Wear Logo
Gore Wear Logo On The Chest
Gore-Tex Infinium Logo On The Arm
Gore-Tex Infinium Logo On The Arm
Showing Water Beading On The R5 Infinium Jacket
Showing Water Beading On The R5 Infinium Jacket

You can really see the water beading in the above 3 images. I took the jacket out on a misty morning run where the temps were in the low 40’s. The jacket performed flawlessly and kept me dry and toasty.

Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket Side Vents
Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket Side Vents

The R5 Infinium comes with 2 sides YKK zippered pockets that help vent the jacket when running.

Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket Side Vents
Gore R5 Gore-TEX Infinium Soft Lined Hooded Jacket Side Vents
Gore Wear R5 Front View
Gore Wear R5 Front View

I like how the jacket hangs a bit below my waist, providing a bit more wind protection.

Gore Wear R5 Rear View
Gore Wear R5 Rear View

It’s a bit hard to showcase, but the jacket gives me the impression of a superhero or maybe Judge Dredd’s costume because of its shine.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd

The Jacket does everything you would want from a running jacket, paring outstanding functionality with a classic, elegant design. This means that not only is it an option for running and trail running at any level, but it can also be paired with denim for everyday life.

YKK Zipper

Infinium Technology

This Jacket is the first to use Gore’s new Infinium technology, which pairs Gore Film on the outside of the jacket with a soft backer on the inside. This brings an elite balance of persistent beading protection with a soft plush fit that gives a comfortable feel. Running Jackets in the past has had to choose between these attributes; by combining them Gore has brought new innovation to the industry and can give you a multi-functional jacket that is useful in any situation.

The two-layer construction of the jacket begins with the Gore Shakedry outer layer. This layer is durably waterproof and completely windproof, and can also protect from snowy conditions, keeping you warm and dry at all times, whether you are training, competing, or just going to the shops. This layer is finished with Gore’s Windstopper membrane, adding to the windproofing and water resistance. The inner layer of the jacket is a soft backer that brings comfort and breathability, with a close-fitting, premium fit. This ensures that not only are you protected by the elements, but you are warm, comfortable, and happy while outdoors. Despite these two premium layers in the same jacket, the garment is still incredibly lightweight, ensuring you are not restricted in any way and are free to tackle the day however you see fit.

Away from the innovative technology, Gore can always be relied on to provide a quality design. The jacket is equipped with a waistband and drawcord, ensuring the fit can be tailored to your preferences. A stretch insert at the sleeve cuff also adds to this. Spacious pockets are features, with front side entry pockets with a zipper garage keeping all valuables secure, with a security pocket inside for true ease-of-mind. The sides of the jacket are seam-free, which ensures increased flexibility and range of motion. The shoulders are also seam-free, which ensures optimum comfort when using a backpack. The logo and print of the Jacket are reflective, ensuring full visibility and safety in low-light conditions. All these features combine for a revolutionary jacket that is comfortable, protective, and ideal for the many adventures you will find yourself in.

Technical Highlights


  • The new innovation in soft-lined shells: windproof, breathable, lightweight warmth
  • New soft, quiet, persistent beading (film out) surface and moisture-wicking textured backer
  • Waistband with drawcord
  • Stretch insert at sleeve cuff
  • Security pocket inside right pocket
  • Front side-entry pockets with zipper garage
  • Seam-free sides to increase range of motion
  • Seam-free shoulder for increased comfort when used with backpack
  • Reflective logo and print
  • Integrated hood with elastic facing
  • Full-length front zip with full-length under flap
Bottom Line

I really like this jacket’s design. The material is a bit thicker than Gore’s R7 Shakedry Jacket, which when it’s cold and breezy creates a warmer barrier. A lot of jackets IMO are too thin, which makes you feel cold breezes.

About The Author

Tom Crandall

Tom has been writing about photography, cycling, running and fitness since 1988, covering everything from the product reviews to the latest in fitness trends. Tom is the Editor-in-chief of,,,, and a few other publications, he began racing in college while getting an Information Resource Management degree at George Mason University. Based in the photography and cycling-crazed city of Austin, Texas, with his wife Kathleen and pug Olaf, Tom enjoys running, walking or riding most every day.


  1. Jo Lawrence

    How warm is this jacket? I sometimes run in 15 degrees and wind here in NH, will this keep me warm?

  2. rOMU


    I would like to know how the jacket size.
    i’m 192cm for 92kg and probably XL is too small for me.



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