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Groove Ring Review

This past week we went to an expo held here in Austin called The Running Event.  You can sort of think of it as the running equivalent of Interbike or Eurobike, but not as expansive.  While expo certainly wasn’t cycling focused, they did have a lot of manufactures that DO make cross over products for both running and cycling.  Good examples are socks, massage tools, and nutritional lines.   Many of the companies that showed up have both cycling and running apparel lines, so even though they were showcasing running goods, I did manage to chat up about cycling products.

Groove Ring Cycling

Groove Ring Review

One such company we happened upon was Groove ( featuring their silicon rings.  At first I thought it was sort of odd, but then it made a lot of sense.  I am one of those married guys who is very active and will often remove my wedding ring when I go cycling or swimming.  Some of it’s due to comfort and some of it’s due to not wanting to lose it by accident.

Groove Ring Kickstarter

Groove Ring

As with many companies these days, Groove got their start on Kickstarter back in December of 2015.  As a result they were able to raise $17,945 from 611 backers and were fully funded by January 2, 2016.  Not bad for a fun idea that went to market.

The Groove ring is made from silicon and if you have ever worn silicon gloves moisture management isn’t optimal.  The folks at groove tackled this problem by creating grooves on the inside of the ring, which allows air flow.  The grooves also reduce skin contact to 60%, which in turn helps mitigate moisture buildup.

The rings are actually made from 2 separate rings permanently heat molded together for maximum comfort.  The inner ring is made of firmer material that gives it a traditional feel on your finger. The outer ring in contrast is softer and smooth on your adjoining fingers.   During the ring making process, Groove incorporates a non tacky finish which helps prevent the rings from catching on clothing and other objects.

Groove Ring Safety Features

Groove claims to be the only functionally breathable ring on the market and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  “No matter what you throw at them or how long you’ve had them, if they stretch, tear or even if you lose them we will replace your ring.  Once you are in the Groove family we take care of you.”

That is a pretty awesome guarantee and the best I have seen from a company.

Groove Rings start at $29.95 for men and women.

Groove Ring Sizing

The easiest way to figure out your Groove Ring size is to use Groove’s Sizing Chart below.

Groove Ring Sizing Chart

Groove Ring Customization

Groove Ring Customization

One of the cool features of the Groove Ring is Groove’s customization option.  You have the ability to customize the outer ring portion using text, images and other features.

Note: Currently there are minimum orders for a fully customized ring.

Basic customized rings start at $39.99 and go up depending on order size.

Bottom Line | Groove Ring Review

For those that remove their rings a lot, the Groove ring makes total sense.  No need to worry about losing your wedding band during an outdoor adventure.

Check out Groove ( for their latest styles and selection.


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