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SOFIRN PL09 – 1600 Lumens Light Review

Step into the realm of extraordinary brightness with the Sofirn PL09 pistol light. Illuminating the path ahead with unrivaled intensity, this beacon of brilliance transforms the realm of tactical lighting. Boasting an impressive 1600 lumens, the PL09 emerges as a formidable presence, conquering darkness and setting new benchmarks in luminosity.

In this review, we delve into the features of the remarkable Sofirn PL09 pistol light, unveiling its brilliance and showcasing why it’s a leader in flashlight innovation. Prepare as we reveal the secrets of this 1600-lumen titan – one of the smallest pistol lights available. Not only does it illuminate, but it captivates, guides, and conquers the night. Follow us on the exploration of the Sofirn PL09 – 1600 Lumens Light Review, where brilliance meets innovation. Plus, it’s USB-C compatible for convenient recharging.

Review Assessment


  • 1600 Lumens
  • Ambidextrous Buttons
  • Intuitive On/Off Functionality
  • Rechargeable battery (USB-C)
  • Wide Beam Pattern
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Great Attachment Mechanism
  • Price Point ($54 retail)


  • Non Replaceable Battery
  • No Tension Adjustment
  • Made In China

The Sofirn PL09 impressed us beyond measure here at GearMashers. Initially cautious about its capabilities, I’m excited to report that the PL09 not only met but exceeded our expectations. Out of all the lights we’ve tested, it has emerged as the front-runner, securing the top position. Plus, its compact size sets it apart from the competition.

Lights that were compared to the Sofirn PL09

Being able to recharge the light without taking it off the pistol rail is a significant advantage. We were particularly impressed by the powerful light output and the broad beam. Plus, the Sofirn PL09’s USB-C compatibility adds convenience for charging. It’s the perfect choice for individuals seeking a pistol light that effectively floods a wide area with light.

There were 3 main negatives with the light which included

  • Non Replaceable Battery
  • No Tension Adjustment
  • Made In China

Sofirn Background

Before the brand name “Sofirn” was born. The company founder Qidong Yang pondered a name that was easy to remember, meaningful and above all to reflect his love and passion for his fledgling company.
He chose SOFIRN to match the name of his dear wife.

Yang loves SOFIRN as deeply as he loves his wife and two children. Yang made it his mission to make SOFIRN a worldwide, well-known brand name.


The SOFIRN PL09 comes out of the box set up with a Glock rail adapter, but it can be switched out with the Piccantiny 1913 adapter. Also included is a USB power cord with a mag lock attachment for recharging the light.

The light came charged, but I went ahead and charged it up for the 1.5 hour charge time.

Getting Started

Upon receiving the SOFIRN PL09 , it came in Lockout mode. To initiate its first use, press and hold both switches simultaneously for approximately two seconds until the light turns on. To return it back to lockout mode, turn off the light by pressing one of the switches and then press and hold both switches simultaneously. A green side indicator light will appear twice. The light is back in it’s lockout mode.

I had to read the directions on what to do to unlock and lock the light.

Upon initial observation, the light appears as a sturdy and well-constructed unit. Its boxy design is less flashy , but compared to similar products in its category it has more of a military look.

Designed with ambidexterity in mind, the light offers functionality that accommodates both left- and right-handed individuals. Its intuitive operation makes turning the light on and off feel natural.

Walther PDP Pro with the SOFIRN PL09

When mounted on my Walther PDP Pro with the PL09, the on/off light buttons are just past the trigger guard and make for a perfect fit.

Sig Sauer P320 M18 with SOFRIN PL09

Although the Walther PDP boasts a full-sized frame, the Sig M18 employs a compact-length slide featuring a 3.9-inch barrel, rendering the firearm lighter and more maneuverable overall. Again the SOFIRN is compatible and is positioned nicely with the trigger, making it feel more useable and quicker to engage.

Quick Product Overview

The SOFRIN PL09 is shorter and more compact than the competition, making it an excellent choice for a pistol light.

Gun | Rail Compatibility

The Sofirn PL09 is compatible with either a mil-std-1913 rail or a Glock-style rail system. The pre-installed Glock adapter (labeled GL) allows for immediate attachment to all Glock-sized rails. For firearms equipped with Picatinny (mil-std-1913) rails, users need to replace the GL adapter with the included 1913 adapter. This requires utilizing the screws and socket head wrench provided in the package.

Since I don’t own any Glocks or firearms with Glock rails, I swapped out the Default Glock adapter for the Picatinny 1913 adaptor. Attaching the light to my Walther PDP Pro and Sig Sauer P320 M18 was incredibly straightforward, and transitioning between pistols was swift and effortless.


To attach the Sofirn PL09 to your firearm’s rail system, follow these steps: Open the swing arm. Make sure the rail insert securely fits into the notch on your rails. Once properly aligned, close the swing arm. I appreciate the convenience of the swing arm mechanism, as it allows for easy attachment to pistols or rifles with Glock or Picatinny 1913 rail systems, without the need for any additional tools.

Operation of the SOFRIN PL09

The PL09 comes with several mod options

  • Constant On: To activate the light for constant brightness, simply press either switch quickly. Press the switch again to turn off the light.
  • Momentary On: Press and hold either switch to activate the light temporarily; release the switch to turn it off.
  • Strobe: Double tap either trigger and the strobe will come on. tap once to turn off.
  • Lockout/Unlock: Press and hold the two triggers for 2 seconds.


Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy structure, Type Ⅲ hard anodizing.

Flash Sales

Save before you buy.

Check the SOFRIN PL09 (Discount Code 51LABOUR20)

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