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SportRx The Online Opticians

SportRx The Online Opticians

Tom-Crandall-Oakley-Flack-Jacket-SportRx--768x1024For many people the world is but a blur.  Whether it’s cycling or running or cross training, life can certainly be out of focus.  That is where the folks at SportRx come in.  They bring clarity to your world, by helping you find your perfect eyewear.  What SportRX does is excel in finding sport specific frames and match them with your exact prescription.  The combination means you will get awesome sport eyeglasses that will workout when you do.

Recently SportRX and teamed up with EndTheTrendNow to find Tom (That’s Me!!), some really good sport specific eyeglasses.  Essentially this is a 6 step process.  Prior to contacting SportRX you will need to get your eyes checked and find out what your prescription is.  I hadn’t had an eye exam in a while, so off to Walmart I went.  I knew they had an eye doctor there and it didn’t cost a ton to get an eye exam.  I am sure their might be better places to go, but for the price, Walmart seemed good enough for me.  After the exam, make sure you get a copy of your eye exam results.  You will need your eye exam info when talking to SportRX.  Sport RX will also want to know your pupil distance, often called Pupillary Distance or PD.  This is measured in milometers from the center of one pupil to the other.  You can use a metric ruler and sort of look in a mirror or have someone do this for you.  Typical distances are somewhere in the 6o’s.  Mine was 66 or 67.  It was a little hard to tell.

Once you have your PD measurement and prescription information, it’s time to call SportRx and setup an appointment to speak with a SportRx optician.  During the appointment the SportRx optician, in my case Rob Tavakoli, will ask you a series of questions about what sports you do and what your ultimate requirements are.  SportRx carries a wide range of frames from all the big name companies including Oakley, Rudy Project, Smith, Bolle and just about any other company you can think of.

Since I didn’t really have a clue as to what specific frames would work for me, Rob steered me towards the Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ.  Good choice, since I like the way Oakley glasses fit anyway.  Once we settled on the frames, I chose Polished White as the color option.  The Flak Jackets are one of Oakley’s top sellers.  They are known for being really light weight and staying in place.  The glasses use Oakley’s fit system called the Three Point Fit and rest on the nose and have a temple that instead of hooking behind your ear, go straight back and gently hug and cradle your skull. Also the glasses have “Unobtainium” material on the nose and temples. This material was invented by Oakley in the 1970’s and gets tackier the hotter and sweatier you get. So even here in Austin Texas during the summer months, the glassesSportRx-Oakley-Flack-Jackets will not  slide off your face.

After the frames and color were chosen, WE, actually Rob, since he was the expert, suggested going with one of SportRx’s pre-built lenses called the Day & Night (transition) Lens with an anti-reflective coating.  The Day & Night lenses work in any and all light conditions from early morning to night.   The light reactive lenses start off virtually clear in dim lighting, but as the day gets brighter, the lens tints into a full dark grey.  The anti-reflective coating that the lenses are treated with, help repel dirt, oil, water and of course glare.

Let’s Review

Step 1: Get Your Prescription
Step 2: Find your Pupil Distance
Step 3: Setup an eyewear consultation with SportRx (888) 831-5817
Step 4: Choose your Eyewear and Lens
Step 5: Wait for the Lens to Arrive
Step 6: See the world more clearly.

My Experience

I have never ordered prescription anything online and the process turned out to be virtually painless.  The hardest part of the whole precess was scheduling time for the consultation.  Me being rather busy of late, needed to find time in my schedule to setup the consultation.  Once that was established, I was good to go.  Since this was my first time, I didn’t realize I needed a prescription, so I had to go and get my eyes checked and calculate my pupil distance.  Once I had all this info, Rob and I had our consultation.  Going in I had wanted to just get regular glasses, but Rob talked me out of it and said to go for sport glasses instead.  He said I would see the benefits right away during my next bike or run with them.


Rob’s suggestions were dead on.  The Oakley Flack Jackets rule and the SportRx pre-built lenses are the bomb.  I have never been a big eyeglass wearer when running and certainly never ran in prescriptions.  The Flack Jackets simply work and do exactly what Rob said they would do.

The advantages of these glasses are they don’t tend to fog up, they keep bugs and stuff out of your eyes and they get lighter or darker depending on the lighting conditions.  They don’t move or slip and stay put on your face.  Since they are prescription glasses, I can actually see more of my surroundings.  My world has become a bit more in focus.  This is especially helpful during the early morning runs and late evening runs where light conditions aren’t optimal.  Since it has been cold here in Austin I have been able to really test them out while running in cooler to cold temps.  They do in fact help keep your eyes from tearing up during those cold morning runs.  A really nice benefit.

Rob Tavakoli

A little Background on Rob Tavakoli – His passion for glasses started at a very young age. He actually cheated at an eye exam when  he was 9 so that he could get glasses. Rob has been in the industry since he was 17, which means Rob has been doing it for more than half his life.   He also collects sunglasses and has a personal collection of somewhere between 75 and 100 pairs. That’s a lot of glasses.  Rob has been a optician since 1999 and worked in various aspects of the industry throughout college and up through a master’s degree.   You could say prescription sunglasses is the single preoccupation of his life.  So if you talk to Rob at SportRx, you will be in good hands.

I highly recommend the Oakley Flack Jackets XLJ for running and if you need prescription sport glasses, SportRX is a great place to get them.

About The Author

Tom Crandall

Tom has been writing about photography, cycling, running and fitness since 1988, covering everything from the product reviews to the latest in fitness trends. Tom is the Editor-in-chief of,,,, and a few other publications, he began racing in college while getting an Information Resource Management degree at George Mason University. Based in the photography and cycling-crazed city of Austin, Texas, with his wife Kathleen and pug Olaf, Tom enjoys running, walking or riding most every day.

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