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Top Fork Mount Work Stands For Cycling Repairs

Top Fork Mount Work Stands For Cycling Repairs

The saying “There can only be one” doesn’t really apply when it comes to quality bike work stands, but two companies that certainly make good ones include Park Tool and Feedback Sports.  Realistically you would be hard pressed to say which company makes the better fork mount work stand, because they both make excellent products.

Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand 2018

Park Tool Fork Mount Work Stand PRS-22 2018

Clamp Style Work Stands Vs Fork Mount Work Stands

Work Stands in general come in 2 flavors, clamp style and fork mount.  Fork mount work stands have been referred to as race stands, since they are often seen during race events and pro tours.  The difference between the Clamp Style and Fork Mount stands boils down to preference and taste.

Clamp Style Work Stand

A Clamp Style Work Stand uses a Clamping mechanism to secure a bike by clamping to either a seat post or bike frame.

Feedback Sports Pro Mount Workstand Clamp

Park Tool Clamp 2018

The advantages to a clamp style work stand include

  • No wheel removal required
  • Have the ability to angle a bike while working on it
  • Setup and mounting is quicker
  • Have the ability to work on front breaks with the wheel on

Most bike shops use Clamp Style Work Stands for their main bike maintenance stands.   Many bike shops have fixed stands that are a little beefier for hard core use vs less sturdy collapsible versions that most consumers use.

For personal use, clamp style work stands have been traditionally used because that was the main option people had access to.  Recently however a trend towards fork mount work stands seems to be growing.  Much of this has to do with their appearance at bike events and large scale races like the Tour De France.

In talking to bike mechanics the feel is a bit mixed, but most lean towards using clamp style work stands.  I had a conversation with a mechanic from SRAM and he indicated that he likes the clamp mount because it quicker and the bike can positioned higher, which he found easier to work on.

SRAM Feedback Sports Traveling Bike Maintenance 2018

Fork Mount Work Stands

The fork mount stand uses a fork mount to secure a bike.

Feedback Sports Fork Mount Work Stand



Park Tool Fork Mount Work Stand 2018

The advantage to a fork mount style work stand is

  • 360°swivel bicycle rotation
  • Easier to mount bikes with non standard seat posts and down tubes.
  • Require less space since the front wheel is removed

Both Park Tool and Feedback Sports offer excellent fork mount bike stands in the form of the

  • Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand
  • Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand (PRS-22.2)

Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand

Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand 2018

The Sprint is a professional level bike work and wash stand for those who prefer the stability of a traditional fork mount. Racing teams like Trek-Segafredo and Lotto Soudal are using the Sprint as their goto work stand.

From all the reviews I have read, people really like the Sprint and in fact it has a 5 stars on Amazon.

Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand Technical Specifications

  • Product Weight: 12.6lbs. (5.7kgs.)
  • Work Height 30″ – 48″ (76cm – 121cm)
  • Base Diameter 46″ (116cm)
  • Folded Size  5″ x 7.5″ x 30″ (12.7cm x 19cm x 76cm)
  • Load Capacity 85lbs.  (38kgs.)
  • 3-year warranty
  • Single Point Quick Release mount
  • 360°swivel Bicycle Rotation
  • Compatible with 9mm x 100mm QR forks, 15mm x  100mm Thru-Axle forks, 9mm x 130mm & 135mm road frames, and 12mm x 142mm rear MTB/CX/Road dropouts. 12mm x 100mm road/CX disc, and 15mm x 110mm – 12mm x 148mm Boost adapters available.
  • Quickly folds into a compact unit
  • Adjustable height; stable tripod design
  • Feedback Sports:
  • BUY NOW:

Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand PRS-22.2

Park Tool Fork Mount Work Stand PRS-22 2018

Park developed the Team Issue PRS-22.2 for Pro Tour mechanics.  It’s ideal for cleaning and general repair work.  As one who has several Park Tool TOOLS, I can attest to their quality and performance.  In general Park Tool has been a leader in the bike industry for quite some time and always seem to bring it.

Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand PRS-22.2 Technical Specifications

  • Precisely constructed of anodized 6063 T6 lightweight aluminum and durable composites (12.5lbs, 5.67kg)
  • Adjustable BB height of 30″ to 45″ / 76cm to 114cm
  • 360 degree horizontal rotation allows easy access to all sides of the bike
  • Customizable bottom bracket supports accommodate a wide variety of BB shells
  • Main beam is adjustable fore and aft to customize balance points
  • Adjustable collar features receivers for optional accessories (sold separately) 106 Work Tray and PTH-1 Paper Towel Holder
  • Easily transported in the BAG-20 (sold separately)
  • Park Tool :
  • BUY NOW:

Bottom Line – Top Fork Mount Work Stands For Cycling Repairs

With Feedback Sports’ Sprint costing $70 less over it’s rival Park Tool Team Issue, it’s hard not to like the cost savings of Feeback’s offering.  Both stands are high quality and both allow you to service your bikes equally, so right now it’s our opinion that Feedback Sport has the edge in fork mounted work stand shootout.

So I guess there is only one.

Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer Review (2017 – 2018)



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