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2018 Interbike Day 2 Reno Nevada

2018 Interbike Day 2 Reno Nevada

Another day brings a ton more Interbike action.  Today was a great day.  The temps started in the low 50’s, but warmed up to a very comfortable 80 degrees with little to no humidity.

My day started at 5:30am moving from the Pepper Mill hotel to the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa, which happens to be right next to the Reno Convention Center and Interbike.  Unfortunately my room wouldn’t be ready until 12:30, so I had to leave my bags with the hotel concierge.

After leaving the Atlantis, I headed over to the Reno Convention Center to get my Media Badge and my Wahoo Fitness Exhibitor badge.   The Wahoo badge was specifically for a breakfast event Wahoo had planned at 9am.

Wahoo Fitness announce a partnership with Pioneer who make power meters.  The partnership will allow Wahoo users to access Pioneer Pedal Monitoring System Data on ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT head units. This data was previously only available on Pioneer head units.  It’s one of those win/win situations.

Wahoo & Pioneer Partnership

There were quite a few media personalities there including the very cool Shane Miller.  I got a chance to talk to Shane and his wife and as Aussies go, they are the best.  Super cool and very down to earth.  Make sure you check out Shane’s Youtube Account for his great commentary on cycling products.

Shane Miller and Tom Crandall GearMashers

Throughout the convention I was asked if there were any products that really stood out.  To be honest, like last night, I didn’t see anything mind blowing.  There were certainly some really good products, but nothing that made me want to have them right away.  If I had to nail down one product that I thought was unique for the show, I would say the Elite Nero electronic Rollers might fit the bill.

Elite Nero Electronic Rollers
On the Wahoo front, their new trainers noise level has been significantly reduced over past models.  ELEMNT Bolt users and ELEMNT users will be able to utilize new functionality as a result of the Wahoo partnership with Pioneer.  I really like Wahoo’s ability to combine products into a single ecosystem.  All their products seamlessly integrate with each other to make them even better products.

E-Bikes are here to stay, but there seems to be a lot of different battery sizes being used, and how frames are being designed to house them.  It still seems like the Wild West.  I also found that many e-bike price tags are starting to really climb.  Look to spend in the ball park of $3k or more for an e-bike that has good components.

For those who love Sidi cycling shoes, Sidi has made some modifications that are rather interesting including moving the tension dial over the tongue and a thinner rap.  They also toned down their color scheme.

Sidi Cycling Shoes

Posted by GearMashers on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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