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2018 Interbike Expo – Day 1

2018 Interbike Expo – Day 1

Flew into Reno, Nevada today and headed for the Reno Convention Center where the 2018 Interbike Expo was being held.

reno sparks convention center interbike 2018

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick up my Interbike Media badge today because no one was at the registration.  I swear I read Interbike said the registration would stay open until 7pm (“Please be sure to retrieve your Interbike show badge at the registration desk (open until 7pm).“).  Oh well guess someone messed up with the time.

Interbike Media Badge Pickup Reno Sparks Convention Center

Today (Monday) was the start of the 2018 Interbike festivities.  OK that isn’t exactly true.  Interbike also has something called the Outdoor Expo, that takes place a few days prior to the main expo.  At the outdoor expo they have vendors showcasing a lot of their bikes and other cycling gear.  They even let you go on test rides.

I am here this week at Interbike as a media representative for  This gives me special access including being able to go to the media only events like the Interbike Media Preview Event where various cycling companies showcase their products. The event consisted of 20 companies showing off their products.   There wasn’t anything that I would considered spectacular or mind blowing, but there were a few interesting products.

As an added bonus, if you were one of the first 100 journalists to turn in a Media Preview award ballot you received some swag in the form of a backpack courtesy of Oakley.  Interbike also provided free dinner and drinks.

Here is a list of companies I thought stood out.

Watteam – was showing off an add it yourself (self-install) power meter based system.

Powerbeat by Watteam

Powerbeat by Watteam Power Meter


Pioneer – is another cycling company that makes some pretty slick Power Meters.  You can purchase cranks with the power meters already installed or you can send yours out to get installed.  They say turnaround time is super fast and they pay both ways.  They also are coming out with the CA600 Cycling computer.  It allows you to see your power output in graph form.

Pioneer Power Meter

Pioneer CA600 Power Meter Cycling Computer

Sena – is starting to make smart bluetooth cycling helmets.  They have been incorporating smart technology in motor cycle helmets and now are transferring that knowledge into road cycling world.  The Sena R1 cycling helmet allows you to pair with other Sena R1 helmets and communicate with other riders while riding.  I believe up to 4 helmets can be paired together.  The sound quality is a little rough, but the range and response was very good.

Sena R1 Cycling Helmet

Sena R1 Road Cycling Helmet Bluetooth

Smith has some new helmets in their lineup for 2019.  Forgot the names though.

Smith Cycling Helmet

Tern Bicycles: If you’re into e-bikes, Tern has some rather tasty ones.  What makes the bikes a little unique is Tern’s use of 20″ wheels.  Tern was showcasing the GSD, which is more of a cargo carrying bike and the Vektron, which I consider a commuter bike option.  Both bikes have the ability to fold for transport and portability.  Tern uses the German Bosch batteries to power the pedal assist bikes.

Tern e-bikes fold up Tern e-bikes fold up

Posted by GearMashers on Monday, September 17, 2018

2018 Interbike Day 2 Reno Nevada

2018 Interbike – Day 3

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