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Best E-Bikes For City Riding

Best E-Bikes For City Riding

Since moving to Austin, the city keeps growing.  When I first moved here parking was essentially free in most places, but 10 years later all that has changed as the city collects tons off of parking fees.  Heck even Mellow Johnny’s parking is no longer free.  During the late spring, summer and most of fall getting around town by bike turns into a sweaty ordeal.

This year I have really contemplated on getting an e-bike as a mode of transportation.  It would allow me or anyone else to zip downtown without working up a sweat and go to places I might not normally venture to.  I have noticed a huge trend with electric scooters everywhere and it has made the city become alive.

Best E-Bikes For City Riding

For city riding I have compiled a list of companies that I thing make great city e-bikes bikes not only for their style, but also for their functionality.

Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes ( got their funding from Indiegogo and have raised over 1 million.  This has allowed them to create a lineup of e-bikes for just about everyone’s taste, from a city cruiser to a more commuter type setup, to an off road machine.

Juiced Bikes

The bikes I think are really cool from Juiced Bikes include

  • CrossCurrent S ($ 1,899.00 starting price)
  • CrossCurrent X ($2,499.00)
  • RipCurrent S ($2,499.00)
  • Scrambler ($1,699.00 to $2,699.00)
  • HyperFat 1100 ($3,499.00)

Urban Drivestyle

Urban Drivestyle Unimoke 750 Swing

Urban Drivestyle was originally started as the first “electric only” bike and scooter rental on the Island of Mallorca.  The UNIMOKE Urban-Crossover electric bike was designed 2015 by the team of Urban Drivestyle on Mallorca and is now hand-assembled in the New Factory Berlin.

In the US the e-bikes can be purchased from UNIMOKE (

  • Unimoke 750 S ($2,490.00 starting price)
  • Unimoke 750 Swing ($2,490.00 starting price)
  • UMI 250 X Electric Urban Micro Bicycle ($1,616)

Lithium Cycles

Lithium Cycles is based in Orange County, California, where they passionately design, manufacture and distribute the Super73 electric motorbike.

Lithium Cycles Super73 e-bike

I have been very keen on Lithium Cycles (, but because of their popularity it takes about 120 days from the time of order to receive one.  The Super73 Z is a less costly version of the S1 and will have a retail price of around $1,200.

My 2 favorites right now are

  • Super73 S1
  • Super73 z


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