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Beretta 1301 vs Benelli m4


In the world of tactical shotguns, two prominent contenders vie for the title of the ultimate semi-automatic shotgun: the Beretta 1301 Tactical ( and the Benelli M4 ( . Both firearms boast impressive pedigrees, hailing from reputable Italian manufacturers known for their commitment to quality and innovation. This review aims to dissect the features, performance, and overall suitability of these shotguns for tactical applications.

Beretta 1301 Overview

Beretta 1301 With Pistol Grip
Beretta 1301 With Pistol Grip

The Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun is a lightning-fast force to be reckoned with, redefining the standards for semi-automatic shotguns. With sleek Italian design and a commitment to speed and agility, the 1301 is more than just a firearm; it’s an extension of the shooter’s instincts. Featuring an adjustable stock for a personalized fit, oversized controls for rapid operation, and a gas-operated system that tames recoil, the 1301 Tactical is engineered for those who demand precision in every shot.

What sets the Beretta 1301 apart is its Blink technology, delivering a blistering cyclic rate that ensures unmatched performance in dynamic shooting scenarios. This shotgun doesn’t just keep up; it leads the pack. Whether you’re navigating tight spaces or engaging targets at a distance, the Beretta 1301 Tactical is a powerhouse that seamlessly combines form and function, making it the go-to choice for those who crave speed, responsiveness, and a shotgun that’s as dynamic as they are.


  1. Lightweight and Maneuverable: The Beretta 1301 Tactical is known for its sleek and lightweight design, providing excellent maneuverability in various tactical situations.
  2. Fast Cycling Rate: The Blink technology in the gas-operated system allows for an impressively fast cyclic rate, facilitating quick follow-up shots.
  3. Adjustable Stock: The 1301 features an adjustable stock, allowing users to customize the length of pull and drop for a comfortable and personalized fit.
  4. Oversized Controls: The shotgun comes with oversized controls, including the bolt release and safety, making it easy to operate, especially in high-stress situations.


  1. Slightly Increased Recoil: Some users report a slightly higher felt recoil compared to the Benelli M4, although this can be subjective and may depend on individual preferences.
  2. Limited Customization: While the 1301 has a Picatinny rail for accessories, the customization options might be considered more limited compared to some other tactical shotguns on the market.


  • Model1301 Tactical
  • Barrel Length18.7″
  • Chamber3″
  • Frame MaterialUncoated Synthetic Stock
  • Firearm TypeShotguns
  • Action TypeSemiautomatic
  • Gauge12
  • ActivityDefense
  • ChokeOBHP-IC
  • Product SegmentHome Defense
  • Family1301 Family

Benelli m4 Overview

Benelli M4 With Pistol Grip
Benelli M4 With Pistol Grip
Benelli M1014 LTD
Benelli M1014 LTD
Benelli M4 Without Pistol Grip
Benelli M4 Without Pistol Grip

The Benelli M4 tactical shotgun stands as an iconic and battle-proven semi-automatic shotgun, renowned for its exceptional reliability and versatility. Adopted by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, the M4 has earned its reputation as a go-to firearm for professionals in high-stakes scenarios. Its innovative inertia-driven system ensures consistent performance across various loads, mitigating recoil and delivering rapid follow-up shots. With a robust construction featuring a steel and alloy receiver, the Benelli M4 not only endures the rigors of combat but also instills confidence in users relying on its steadfast functionality.

The design of the Benelli M4 is a testament to its tactical prowess. Equipped with a skeletonized stock and pistol grip, it provides a secure and comfortable hold, enhancing user control during intense engagements. The ghost-ring sights contribute to quick and precise target acquisition, while the Picatinny rail allows for customization with a variety of accessories. Whether in the hands of military personnel, law enforcement officers, or discerning civilian enthusiasts, the Benelli M4 stands as an embodiment of reliability, durability, and adaptability in the realm of semi-automatic shotguns.


  1. Battle-Proven Reliability: The Benelli M4 is renowned for its reliability under various conditions, making it a preferred choice for military and law enforcement agencies.
  2. Versatile Inertia-Driven System: The inertia-driven system ensures consistent performance with various loads, reducing recoil and allowing for rapid follow-up shots.
  3. Durable Construction: With a robust steel and alloy receiver, the Benelli M4 is built to withstand harsh environments, providing long-lasting durability.
  4. Ghost-Ring Sights: The shotgun is equipped with effective ghost-ring sights, enhancing target acquisition and accuracy.


  1. Higher Price Point: The Benelli M4 tends to be more expensive than some other tactical shotguns, placing it in a higher price bracket.
  2. Fixed Stock: The fixed stock may limit adaptability for users who prefer more customization options, especially in terms of length of pull adjustments.
Benelli M1014 LTD
Benelli M1014 LTD


11701Black SyntheticAnodized, BlackPhosphate12-Gauge18.5″Pistol Grip$2,149Fixed Position SkeletonizedStandardRight HandedFixed Modified2-3/4″, 3″5+1Ghost-ringSemi-autoYes14-3/8″2-1/4″1-1/2″40″8 lbs
Benelli M4 With Pistol Grip
Benelli M4 With Pistol Grip

11794Black SyntheticTitanium CerakoteTitanium Cerakote12-Gauge18.5″Pistol Grip$2,269StandardStandardRight HandedM2-3/4″, 3″5+1Ghost-ringSemi-autoYes14-3/8″2-1/4″1-1/2″40″7.8 lbs
11795Black SyntheticTitanium CerakoteTitanium Cerakote12-Gauge18.5″Standard$2,269TacticalStandardRight HandedM2-3/4″, 3″5+1Ghost-ringSemi-autoYes14-3/8″2-1/4″1-1/2″40″7.8 lbs
11703Black SyntheticAnodized, BlackPhosphate12-Gauge18.5″Standard$2,099TacticalStandardRight HandedM2-3/4″, 3″5+1Ghost-ringSemi-autoYes14-3/8″2-1/4″1-1/2″40″7.8 lbs
11707Black SyntheticAnodized, BlackPhosphate12-Gauge18.5″Pistol Grip$2,099StandardStandardRight HandedM2-3/4″, 3″5+1Ghost-ringSemi-autoYes14-3/8″2-1/4″1-1/2″40″7.8 lbs

Design and Ergonomics:

The design philosophy of the Beretta 1301 Tactical emphasizes speed and maneuverability. With its sleek profile and aggressive lines, the 1301 feels like an extension of the shooter’s body. The oversized controls, including the bolt release and safety, cater to quick and efficient operation. Additionally, the 1301’s stock features an adjustable length of pull and drop, ensuring a comfortable fit for a variety of shooters.

On the other hand, the Benelli M4 exhibits a robust and utilitarian design. Its iconic inertia-driven system contributes to its reliability and reduced recoil. The M4’s skeletonized stock and pistol grip provide a secure and comfortable hold, while the ghost-ring sights enhance target acquisition. Both shotguns feature Picatinny rails for customization, but the M4’s fixed stock may limit adaptability for some users.


When it comes to performance, both shotguns excel in different aspects. The Beretta 1301 Tactical’s gas-operated system contributes to its remarkable recoil management, allowing for faster follow-up shots. Its Blink technology enables a lightning-fast cyclic rate, making it a top choice for dynamic shooting scenarios. The 1301’s extended magazine tube also provides an ample ammunition capacity, a crucial factor in tactical engagements.

The Benelli M4, relying on the inertia-driven system, is known for its reliability under adverse conditions. This shotgun cycles a variety of loads with consistent performance, making it a preferred choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. While the cyclic rate may not match the 1301, the M4’s semi-automatic action remains fast and reliable.

Durability and Build Quality:

In terms of durability, both the Beretta 1301 Tactical and Benelli M4 are built to withstand the rigors of tactical use. The Beretta’s aluminum receiver contributes to a lightweight yet sturdy construction, while the Benelli M4’s steel and alloy receiver adds weight but enhances durability. Both shotguns feature chrome-lined barrels for corrosion resistance.

Price and Value:

Pricing can be a decisive factor for many buyers, and in this regard, the Beretta 1301 Tactical often comes with a more budget-friendly tag. The Benelli M4, being a military and law enforcement favorite, tends to be higher priced. However, the value proposition may vary based on individual preferences and priorities.


In the Beretta 1301 Tactical vs. Benelli M4 debate, the choice ultimately hinges on the specific needs and preferences of the shooter. The Beretta 1301 Tactical excels in terms of speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing rapid target acquisition and a friendly price point. Meanwhile, the Benelli M4’s reputation for reliability and versatility, coupled with its battlefield-proven design, positions it as a top-tier option for those willing to invest in a premium tactical shotgun.

In the end, both shotguns stand as exemplars of Italian craftsmanship and engineering, leaving the final decision to the user’s intended applications and personal preferences. Whether it’s the lightning-fast 1301 or the battle-tested M4, these shotguns represent the pinnacle of semi-automatic excellence in the tactical shotgun realm.

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  1. James R Reese

    The Benelli M4 is NOT inertia-driven; it is gas-operated.


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