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Favorite Firearms YouTube Channels

Welcome to the heart-pounding world where barrels and cameras collide, trigger fingers meet mouse clicks, and gun enthusiasts unite in the digital realm. In the dynamic landscape of YouTube, a realm where passion meets precision, a breed of channels has emerged to cater to the discerning tastes of firearm aficionados. These aren’t just channels; they are gateways to a thrilling universe where the crack of gunfire blends seamlessly with the click of a subscribe button. Welcome to the realm of Favorite Firearm YouTube channels, where every shot fired is a symphony, and every review is a manifesto of firepower and finesse.

Brace yourself for a journey through the barrels, sights, and narratives that redefine the very essence of what it means to be a firearm connoisseur in the digital age. These channels aren’t just about guns; they’re about forging a community bound by a love for craftsmanship, power, and the relentless pursuit of the perfect shot. Get ready to dive deep into the chambers of the most gripping, explosive, and downright addictive firearm content on the web. The trigger has been pulled; let the adventure begin!

Favorite Firearm YouTube Channels

Garand Thumb

First up is Garand Thumb

YouTube Channel

Grand Thumb has quite possibly the best intros to firearm youtube videos. With over 3.4M subscribers. The catchy names comes from giving yourself a thumb pinch when loading rounds into the US famous Garand rifle.

The channel offers a ton of advice on firearms and does it is a fantastic and engaging way.

Classic Firearms

YouTube Channel

Classic Firearms is a fantastic channel with lots of intel on all sorts of firearms. With over 1.4M subscribers you will certainly find video worth viewing.

Tactical Considerations

YouTube Channel

Tactical Considerations is less fluff and more technical specification videos. Tactical Considerations channel brings you up to date information on the gear and equipment you are looking for. Mike, the main creator served in the Army Special Operations, has a Law Enforcement background and has been an instructor in various subjects relating to constitutional issues, self defense, use of force and firearms instruction.

Tactical Tool Box

YouTube Channel

On this Channel you’ll find Custom Glock Builds, AR-15 Builds, Gun Reviews, as well as EDC Gear Reviews and Build Tutorials. Feel free to cruise the channel and check out the playlist section for dedicated Build Series.


One of my favorite YouTube channels was from a YouTuber who at the time was hugely popular and then he disappeared due to ATF Issues. His videos were pretty crazy at times with lots of explosions. Kyle Lamar Myers used a Russian Fake accident during the videos (FPSRussia and FPSKyle).

Here is the backstory about what actually happened to the channel and Kyle

Other ones to check out

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