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HEXLOX Total Bike Security Review

For those cyclists out there, bike security or the lack thereof can cause major headaches. HEXLOX was created to help solve some of the issues a cyclist may encounter when leaving their bike unattended.

Bike thieves love to steal bike parts and anything that isn’t locked is easy prey. HELOX uses a unique metal bit call a HEXLOX (0.5 of a gram) that can be inserted into a bolt’s HEX opening preventing hex tools from being able to loosen the bolts. Each HEXLOX can be inserted or removed using a specialize HEXLOX key.


Once inserted, bike thieves will not be able to easily steal things like saddles, seatposts, and wheels. Combining HELOX with other security measures like U-Locks and chains will provide the best overall protection for your bike when left unattended.


HEXLOX Unboxing

We reached out to HEXLOX to send us a kit to check out and review. Within a very short period of time a package arrived. We received 2 very cool items from HEXLOX including a Saddle & Seatpost Gift pack Set ($67) designed to secure a saddle and seatpost and the Wheel Anti Theif Set.

HEXLOX Bike Anti-Theft Packages
HEXLOX Bike Anti-Theft Packages
HEXLOX Saddle & Seatpost Gift pack
HEXLOX Saddle & Seatpost Gift pack
HEXLOX Saddle & Seatpost Gift and Anti-Theft packages
HEXLOX Saddle & Seatpost Gift and Anti-Theft packages
HEXLOX Anti Theft Wheel Set Packaging
HEXLOX Anti Theft Wheel Set Packaging
HEXLOX Anti Theft Wheel Set
HEXLOX Anti Theft Wheel Set

NOTE: Each HEXLOX key comes with a unique 3 digit code that you will want to keep in a safe spot should you need a replacement.



When I first saw HEXLOX, I thought it was a really novel approach to preventing theft. After receiving the kits, I found the whole concept brilliant.

The way the system works is you simply insert one of the HEXLOX 4mm – 6mm bits into the appropriate hex bolt using a special HEXLOX key. Each HEXLOX has a magnetic end that helps adhere the bit inside the bolt. Once fitted properly you turn the key and HEXLOX stays. To remove it, you simply insert the key into the little HEXLOX hole twist and pull the HEXLOX out. It really doesn’t get any easier.

HEXLOXes come in 4mm – 6mm widths and can be mixed and matched based on a bikes setup. They also sell various bolts and skewers if you need those as well.

HEXLOX Mounting

HEXLOX Seat Locked
HEXLOX Seat Locked

Above I added the HEXLOX to the seat rail screw, providing security so the seat will not get stolen. Although I have never had a saddle stolen, this gives me a bit more peace of mind.

HEXLOX Headset Locked
HEXLOX Headset Locked

Next, I added a HEXLOX added to the headset, securing the stem, and fork.

HEXLOX Seatpost Clamp Locked
HEXLOX Seatpost Clamp Locked

I also added a HEXLOX to the seatpost clamp, securing the seatpost from being stolen.

As you can see from above, depending on your bike, you have lots of options.

Based on my experience with using the HEXLOX I have a pretty good idea that it will stop anyone from using hex wrenches to easily steal seats, seat posts, and wheels.

It will not prevent your bike from getting stolen, you will need good locks for that, but it certainly will go a long way to preventing part theft.

Bottom Line

The HEXLOX works great. The only issue I see is if you lose your HEXLOX key and can’t the 3 digit code, you may have a heck of a time removing any bike parts where the HEXLOX has been used.

Check out HEXLOX on their website.

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