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Redshift Sports ShockStop Suspension Stem Review

Redshift Sports ShockStop Suspension Stem Review

Are you looking to make your cycling rides less jarring? The Redshift Sports ShockStop Suspension Stem could be the answer.

Recently I was checking out coverage of Eurobike 2019 looking for cool cycling products to review and came across Redshift Sports talking about their upcoming Suspension Seatpost called the ShockStop Seatpost.

I contacted Redshift about the seatpost and at the time it was still being tweaked before the official release. With that said, Redshift graciously sent out another shock absorbing product they make called the ShockStop Suspension Stem.

For those of you old enough to remember suspension stems were all the rage back in the late 80’s early 90’s, but they never really lived up to the hype and were rather clunky.

Vintage Bicycle Suspension Stems
Vintage Bicycle Suspension Stems along with the new Redshift Sports Suspension Stem

Fast forward almost 30 years and Redshift has come out with a product that is as elegant as it is functional.

Kickstarter ShockStop: The Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem

The Redshift Sport’s Suspension Stem initially became a reality through a Kickstarter project where Redshift Sports raised $88,226 in pledges from 691 backers. Not a ton in Kickstarter terms, but certainly enough to get a product finalized for the market.


ShockStop Suspension Stem Unboxing

The ShockStop Suspension Stem arrived in a bright red box with white lettering.

Inside the box were some extra colored elastomers used for shock absorption, the ShockStop Suspension Stem preloaded with 2 elastomers and a 4-page user manual.


ShockStop Suspension Stem Review

The beauty behind Redshift’s Shockstop Suspension Stem is everything is self-contained within the stem making it look extremely streamlined and clutter-free.

ShockStop Suspension Stem Movement

The ShockStop Stem uses a single pivot point that allows the stem to move up and down depending on the road shock it encounters. The up and down movement or Stiffness is controlled using a combination of rubber elastomers to make the stem more or less responsive. The elastomers are rated for stiffness using a durometer scale from 50 to 90, with 90 being the stiffest.

Example of the ShockStop Stem showing movement

ShockStop Stem Elastomer Overview

When you order the ShockStop Suspension stem you will receive several Elastomers allowing you to adjust the Elastomer stiffness. Depending on your weight and preference using one or a combination of 2 colored elastomers will set the stiffness and ride quality of the stem.

3 Redshift Sports Elastomers showing their durometer values of 50, 70 and 90

The charts below are based on rider weight and give you a good indication of how many elastomers you should use and which colors should be selected. The higher the durometer value, the stiffer the ride.

The ShockStop can be used with one or two elastomers, with usually 1 being the recommendation for Flat Handlebars and 2 for Drop Handlebars.

ShockStop Suspension Stem Installation

The ShockStop Suspension Stem installs just like almost any other cycling stem with one exception. You want to make sure you have added the appropriate elastomer settings prior to adding it to your bike otherwise you will need to do it once the stem is on the bike but prior to riding.

The stem has 4 faceplate bolts (4mm) and 2 Steer Tube pinch bolts (4mm). The stem is designed to fit 1 1/8″ threadless headsets but can be used with smaller threadless steer tubes if the appropriate shims are used.

Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem Front View
Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem Top View
Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem Side View
Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem Rear View
Bottom Line

Riding the Shockstop Suspension Stem felt really natural. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by how stem reacted to bumps and jarring. It didn’t overcompensate but absorbed shock naturally without feeling bouncy.

For those who are looking to soften their rides, especially those who travel on rough roads or gravel trails, the Redshift Sports Shockstop Suspension Stem will certainly help.

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