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GoPro Media Mod Review

GoPro Media Mod Review

GoPro just announced its new lineup of GoPro products including the GoPro GoPro Hero 8, GoPro and the GoPro Media Mod (i.e. Media Module).

We were right on the mark with our Rumored GoPro Hero8 article on the Media Mod.


GoPro Media Mod – Module Review

The GoPro HERO8 Black Media Mod turns your new GoPro Hero 8 into a mobile production studio. It features a built-in directional mic and the ever-elusive 3.5mm mic port. That’s right a 3.5mm mic port. I will say that again a 3.5mm mic port. Although since it has a directional mic, you may not need an external mic.

GoPro Hero 8 with the GoPro Media Mod
GoPro Hero 8 with the GoPro Media Mod – Front View
GoPro Hero 8 with the GoPro Media Mod – Rear View
Notice there are 3 ports one being a 3.5mm mic jack.
GoPro Hero 8 with the GoPro Media Mod and GoPro Shorty stick.

The Media Mod also comes with 2 cold-shoe mounts to attach external stuff like a mic, lights or an LCD screen.

GoPro Media Mod Accessories

GoPro Media Mod Accessories
GoPro Media Mod Accessories

While the GoPro Media Mod is very cool, there are some other accessories GoPro plans to also carry including an attachable light and an LCD video screen.

No prices or release dates have been set for the Light or LCD screen.

The light output going to be around 200 Lumens.

Technical Highlights

GoPro Media Mod Technical Highlights include:

  • Built-in directional mic delivers crystal-clear audio and reduces wind and ambient noise
  • 2 cold-shoe mounts to attach your favorite lights, mics or LCD screens
  • 3.5mm mic port lets you add an external mic for enhanced audio
  • HDMI-out port to monitor or playback your footage
  • The unique and compact wraparound design adds portable expandability and ensures mounting remains easy
  • Specially designed for use with Display Mod and Light Mod for HERO8 Black, and compatible with third-party accessories
  • Retail – $79.00 (Will Be Available in December)
Bottom Line

With the launch of the GoPro Hero8, the Media Mod is a really nice addition and should really satisfy vloggers who have been wanting a GoPro for vlogging and hating the lack of a 3.5mm mic port.

With a retail price of $79, this will be a no brainer.

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