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NiteRider SENTINEL 150 Taillight Review | Gear Mashers

A few years back I wrote up a rather long article on cycling lights.  Unfortunately I never got a chance to test out the NiteRider ( cycling line.  After seeing them at Interbike this year and making some good connections, NiteRider sent out a few of their latest toys including the NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight.

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Cycling Bike TailLight Review 2017 2018 Gear Mashers


NiteRider got it’s start sort of by accident and by necessity.   Back in the day, Tom Carroll needed a way to light up his outdoor Southern California adventures including surfing at night.  The goal was to have a light that was waterproof, very bright, lightweight and hands free.

After a few attempts Tom came up with something that would not only work for surfing, but also would be perfect for nighttime trail riding.

As the years went by, the lights would become smaller and brighter and all together kick butt.

NiteRider Package Arrives

NiteRider Box of Lights and Olaf

Olaf our pug is guarding the NiteRider goodies or maybe he is just using the box as a headrest.

NiteRider cycling Lights

Niterider sent out 3 lights to review and a K-Edge adapter.

NiteRider Sentinel 150

The Sentinel 150

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight Review

For those who cycle in the early mornings or at night, it’s now become almost a given to use a taillight.  Commuters have known this for quite some time, but it’s now mainstream even with the top echelon of the cycling community.  No more is it a nerdy gimmick or something only a commuter would use.

The NiteRider Sentinel 150 is NiteRider’s top of the line Taillight and from my experience, they nailed it.  Everything about the Sentinel was well thought out and designed.

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight Review 2017 2018

The Sentinel comes equipped with 7 different modes including 2 high intensity flash modes, 2 non flash modes and 3 laser modes that can be combined with the main lights or used separately.  Yes I said the taillight uses lasers, let that sink in.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the laser show before, it’s really wicked.  Taking the Sentinel 150 on my first group ride, people were coming up to me saying that is so cool.  NiteRider use of the lasers is something more companies will probably adopt.  When turned on, the lasers provide beam of light in the form of a line on either side of the bike.  These light beams are designed to help warn motorists to keep a safe distance from you.

NiteRider Laser Sentinel 150

People who were riding around me certainly noticed the laser lines, but cars traveling at high speed might not see them as easily as the main light.  It remains to be seen if the lasers are a gimmick or actually change driver behavior.

Beyond the Cool Lasers, the Sentinel has what NiteRider calls Daylight Visible Flash (DVF).  When in flash mode, the Sentinel sends out bursts of bright light that can be seen in daylight hours.  The flash is so bright in fact, you really don’t want to look at it.

When traveling in packs, switching to Group Ride Mode allows the light to function at a lower intensity to lesson any distraction it may cause with fellow cyclists.

Battery life is pretty impressive ranging from 4 hours at the highest output to 21 on the lowest setting.  When using just the lasers, battery life ranges from 5 hours to 11.5 hours.

Tail Light Strap Mount

The Sentinel 150 comes with a rubber/plastic seatpost mount that has a groove cut in it for mounting on standard or aero seatposts.  I found the mount to work extremely well with my Felt AR1 aero seatpost and equally as well on my Spot Rocker round 27.2 seatpost.  The groove on the mount seems to hold the light in place even during bumpy travel.  I didn’t experience any movement or swivel, which I have experience with other tail lights.


Niterider sells a replacement mount for $9.99 which could be used for a second bike or to replace the original if broken.

The Sentinel comes standard with both the quick release strap mount and a jersey clip.  Either option can be used depending on your needs.

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight clip mount

Water Protection

The Sentinel 150 has an IP rating of IP64, which essentially means it’s protected from water spray from any direction, which should protect it plenty from any rain that you may encounter.  It’s not considered waterproof, so don’t go dunking your bike in a river with the 150 attached.

USB Rechargeable

NiteRider provides a micro USB to USB cable to charge the 150 and the micro USB port is located on the bottom of the unit.

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight USB

When charging the unit or powering off  the unit, a blue light indicator will let you know that it has a good charge.  A red light will indicate low battery and the unit will need to be charged.

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight Battery Indicator

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight Specifications

  • Class-leading, ultra-bright 150 lumen output
  • 7 modes: 2 steady, 2 flashing, 3 Laser Lane modes
  • Laser Lane option projects laser lines on the ground to create a virtual lane
  • Daylight visible flash
  • Includes Group Ride mode to be seen without distracting fellow cyclists
  • 4 hour to 21 hour run time depending on mode
  • Re-charges via USB cable in 4 hours
  • Internal Li-Po battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Seatpost mount is compatible with round and aero posts
  • Weight: 116 grams
  • Retail: $54.99

NiteRider Sentinel 150 Taillight | Final Verdict

What’s not to like about the Sentinel 150.  It does everything you could possible want in a taillight and at a price point that is very affordable.  For $54.99 retail, you get a kick butt taillight that can be used any time of the day or night and you even can say you have lasers.  How cool is that!

Check out NiteRiders full line of lights and accessories (

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