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K-EDGE Pro Combo Mounts For Cycling Computers

K-EDGE Pro Combo Mounts For Cycling Computers

So you want to mount both a cycling computer and a light to your handle bars, but your current setup isn’t optimal, well then you should check out the K-Edge Pro Combo Mounts.  Currently K-Edge makes mounts for Garmin, Sigma and Wahoo cycling computers and with the K-Edge Pro Combo Mount you can also attach a light or video camera underneath.  It’s definitely the most elegant and functional solution in the market today.

K-EDGE Pro Combo Mounts Niterider


The beauty of the K-Edge Pro Combo mount is it’s location and simplicity.  Having a light attached below the cycling computer removes that unwanted glare on the computer screen that occurs when a light is often attached to the handle bars next to the cycling computer.

K-Edge Pro Combo Mount

K-Edge Gopro Mount interface

K-Edge uses a GoPro mounting system underneath the cycling computer mount, allowing any light or camera that has a GoPro compatible mount to attach to it.

K-Edge History

For those wondering when K-Edge got their start, you will have to walk back in time to 2008 when K-Edge launched their “Chain Catcher” product to help keep the rider’s chain from derailing (falling off).  Since that time K-Edge have developed various solutions to mount both cycling computers and lights.


NiteRider And GoPro Adapter By K-Edge

NiteRider GoPro Adapter and Rail Interface

If you are a NiteRider ( fan like me, K-Edge and NiteRider have teamed and created a solution to mount any NiteRider Rail Interface equipped light to any K-Edge GoPro style mount connection.  NiteRider’s newest Lumina series, fantastic lights by the way, all have the Rail Interface and are compatible with the K-Edge GoPro Mount systems.

When mounting the light you will run into one issue that may or may not bother you.  In order to mount the light in it’s current form, you mount it from the bottom side rather than the top side.

NiteRider LUMINA OLED 1100 BOOST Cycling Light

By mounting the light upside down, you lose the ability to view the power indicator lights and any other information that displays.  A good example would be mounting the NiteRider Lumina OLED 1100 Boost and not being able to see the digital display screen showing battery run times because they are pointed towards the ground.

For me it’s not a big deal since I charge my lights the night before a ride if I know I am going to use them.

Quick Release Solution

As far as I know K-Edge hasn’t created a quick release solution for their K-Edge GoPro mounting system.  When I spoke to K-Edge at Interbike this year, they hadn’t developed anything at that time.   They did come out with a “Go Big” thumb screw that can be tighten with a 4mm hex wrench.  The Thumb screw does add a little bit of safety over a normal GoPro thumb screw since you can tighten it down more with a 4mm hex wrench.

As a commuter who sometimes has to lock up my bike and leave it unattended, not being able to quickly remove expensive lights can leave them exposed to theft.

Currently as long as a thief has a 4mm hex wrench they could easily remove the light from it’s GoPro mounting bracket and walk away with light in hand.

I did find an adapter (SP-Gadgets Clip Adapter for GoPro) that can convert any standard GoPro mount into a quick clip mount.   I contacted the company to get a sample sent out, but as of today I haven’t received anything.  The adapter might solve the Quick Release Issue, but this solution isn’t as elegant nor as aero as the K-Edge non-quick release setup.  Still those looking for a quick release method, the SP clip adapter might work.


SP Quick Release GoPro Mount 2017


Swapping Out Cycling Computers

When purchasing the K-Edge Pro Combo Mount, you specify which cycling computer you own and buy the appropriate mounting system.  K-Edge has color coordinated the different computer mounts to include Black for Garmin, Blue for Wahoo and Red for Sigma.

K-Edge Computer Insert

If you buy a Garmin mount and then replace your Garmin computer with a Wahoo or Sigma, currently you just need to purchase Wahoo or Sigma insert rather than having to buy another K-Edge Pro Combo Mount.

Product Specs

K-Edge Pro Combo Mount Specifications

  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Platform, Injection Molded Copolymer Interface
  • Compatibility: Wahoo Bolt, Wahoo Mini
  • Fits Handlebars: 31.8MM
  • Go Pro Action Camera type attachment for camera or light
  • Anodized Color: Black
  • Made in Boise, Idaho, USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee against material or manufacturer defects. Damages due to abuse or crashing excluded.
  • Retail: $64.99
  • BUY IT:

Additionally I highly recommend purchasing the NiteRider Lumina series of lights and the NiteRider GoPro Adapter by K-Edge ($19.99).

NiteRider GoPro Adapter and Rail Interface

The NiteRider light I am running with the the Pro Combo Mount is the Lumina OLED 1100 Boost ($149.99).  It’s a fantastic light that is perfect for early morning or evening rides.  The run time is based on how high the lumens is set, but you can get somewhere between 1:00 – 18:00 hrs depending on power output.

Bottom Line | K-EDGE Pro Combo Mounts

Other than not having a quick release, the K-Edge Pro Combo Mount is the best solution I have seen to mount both a cycling computer and a cycling light and do it in a way that is elegant and functional.

Check out K-Edge ( for all their great products.


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