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Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Review (2018)

We got our first sighting of the Oakley Prizm line of sunglasses at Interbike.

Oakley had a rather large booth and one of their main features were the Oakley Jawbreakers Prizm’s sitting on the new 2018 Oakley ARO cycling helmets.

Oakley Jawbreaker 2018 Prizm

Oakley Jawbreaker 2018 Prizm B

A few months later Oakley sent us the Jawbreaker, Radar and Zero’s frames all featuring Prizm lenses.

Yeah you could say we were stoked to get these in.

Oakley Prizm Unboxing

All the glasses came encased in Oakley Black boxes with grey lettering.

Oakley Jawbreaker Cycling Sun Glasses 2018 A

Oakley Jawbreaker, Oakley Radar EV & Oakley Zero

Oakley Jawbreaker Cycling Sun Glasses 2018 E

Oakley Jawbreaker with Prizm lenses.

Oakley Jawbreaker History

When designing the Oakley Jawbreaker, Oakley teamed up with Mark Cavendish (world champion and the fastest sprinter in cycling).  The goal was to come up with a set of cycling specific glasses that provided a wide field of view, increase eye protection and improve ventilation to reduce fogging.

Oakley Jawbreaker Larger Field Of View 2018

The end result was the creation of a set of cycling sunglasses that were 44% larger than standard dual-lens sunglasses.

Eye protection was increased by employing true full-frame protection that extends around the entire lens perimeter, shielding your eyes with impact resistance without compromising the field of view or ventilation.

The frames were specifically designed to optimize airflow around the glasses, yet still allow air in through 6 air vents to prevent fogging.  In testing I have found the Jawbreakers to work extremely well and haven’t had any issues with the lenses fogging.

Oakley Jawbreaker Airflow 2018 No Fog

Oakley Jawbreaker Adjustability And Quick Release

The Oakley Jawbreaker lenses can be swapped out for other lenses using their Switchlock Technology.  Flipping up on the nose bridge quickly allows you to switch lenses if needed.

Oakley Jawbreaker Cycling Sun Glasses 2018 C

Oakley Jawbreaker with nose bridge lifted for lens removal

Oakley Jawbreaker Cycling Sun Glasses 2018 D

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm with lenses removed

The sunglasses also have a bit of adjustability by pulling up on the stems quick release mechanism and setting the stem position in one of three different lengths.

Oakley Jawbreaker Cycling Sun Glasses 2018 B

Oakley Jawbreaker with adjustable ear pieces

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Lenses

Oakley’s Prizm Road lenses are designed to enhance detail to optimize your visual experience.  What makes the Prizm lenses rather unique is how Oakley designs them based on the activity you will be doing.  Currently Oakley has Prizm lenses designed for Sport, Trail, Snow and Everyday.

Oakley Prizm Sun Glasses

Bottom Line – Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Cycling Sunglasses

The Oakley Jawbreakers are one of my favorite cycling glasses at present.  The excellent field of view and anti-fogging properties make these a must have.

While the Prizm Road lenses do enhance detail, you can save a little money by choosing polarized or standard lenses instead and you will not notice too much of a difference.

I do have 2 main issues with the Prizm Road lenses.  They are extremely hard to keep clean and fingerprint smudges will be very common.  I also found the Road lenses to be a bit darker than I would like during morning rides and twilight rides.  The Prizm Trail, being lighter might be a better option when cycling in low lighting conditions.

To find out more about the Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Sunglasses, check out Oakley’s website.

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