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Oakley ARO Cycling Helmet Review | ARO7 ARO5 ARO3 (2018 Models)

Last year at Interbike I was introduced to Oakley’s new Oakley ARO Cycling Helmet line.  The AROs are Oakley’s first venture into the bike helmet industry and if they make as big a splash in bike helmet product line like they have done with cycling glasses, Oakley will be a dominate player.

The fact that Oakley is incorporating their Prizm eyewear technology into the ARO7  certainly will bolster sales.  Another key factor for Oakley is the ARO5 and ARO3 cycling helmets have been designed to integrate really well with their Jawbreaker cycling glasses.

Beyond the bike helmets, Oakley is also launching a cycling apparel line, all of which should be available for spring 2018.

Oakley ARO Cycling Helmet Review ARO7 ARO5 ARO3 Road

Oakley ARO Cycling Helmets For 2018

The Oakley Cycling Helmets for 2018 include

  • Oakley ARO7 (Aero Racing / Time Trial Helmet) – The ARO7 was designed specifically for time trials and triathlons with a very aero profile and integrated cycling glasses.
  • Oakley ARO5 (Road Racing Helmet) – The ARO5 is geared towards roadies with qualities of the aero helmet ARO7, but contain vents to help cool the rider down.
  • Oakley ARO3 (Least Expensive / Most Ventilated Helmet) – The ARO3 is the most ventilated of the 3 containing wider vents than the ARO5.

The Oakley Cycling Helmet Series is Oakley’s new dynamic range of premium road racing helmets specializing in seamless optics integration, aero performance and thermoregulation.

All helmets utilize the MIPs technology, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.  MIPS was developed by the biomechanics specialists at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.  The technology is designed to help prevent brain injury by mimicking aspects of the brains cerebrospinal fluid.


Oakley ARO7 Review | Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet Review

Oakley AR07 Cycling Helmet PolishedBlack

The ARO7 Cycling Helmet is Oakley’s top of the line aero cycling helmet which is designed for events such as triathlons and road time trials.

The Oakley ARO7 Time Trial helmet comes with 2 lenses or visors including a clear lens and a darker lens Oakley calls Prizim.  The lenses attach to the helmet using magnets, which makes swapping out a lens super easy.  I did notice the Prizim lens attracts finger prints and smudges, so owners will probably be cleaning the lenses a lot.

Oakley uses the Boa FS1-1 dial retention system.  They have designed the Boa system to use an ultra thin lace which is  said to reduce pressure on a rider’s temple.

The ARO7 includes MIPs technology to help reduce or eliminate brain damage should a cycling accident occur while using the helmet.

Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet Front

Oakley ARO7 with the Prizim lens

Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet Clear Glasses

Oakley ARO7 with the clear lens.

Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet Right Side

The ARO7 has minimal vents on the side.  I would probably overheat in this helmet.  I did notice the Prizim lenses did get a lot of finger prints, but looked pretty cool.

Oakley ARO Cycling Helmet BOA

The Oakley helmets use the Boa closure system.

Oakley ARO Boa Retention cord

It’s a little blurry, but Oakley uses a really thin cord for their Boa System.  They say it helps reduce any pressure points on the head.

Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet Lens

The ARO7 Prizm lens.  Notice the smug and finger print marks.  You will probably be cleaning these after every use.

Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet Magnet

2 magnets secure the lenses to the ARO7 helmet.

Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet Side

Oakley uses 2 magnets at the top of the lens to attach them to the helmet.  It was really easy to swap out lenses.

The ARO7 should be available in both Matte Black or Matte White and have both clear and Prizm lenses.

Oakley ARO7 Cycling Helmet


Oakley ARO5 Review | Oakley ARO5 Cycling Helmet Review

Oakley AR05 Cycling Helmet NeonOrange

Oakley’s ARO5 cycling helmet is a step down from the ARO7 in terms of aero dynamics.  Oakley has removed the integrated optics, but says their current line of eyewear works seamlessly with the helmet’s design.  They have included a dedicated eyewear docking system that allows Oakley eyeglasses to attach to the front of the helmet.

Oakley said the helmet’s design and engineers took in factors such as when a cyclist has their head down rather than forward to make helmet as aero as possible.

Like the ARO7, the ARO5 comes with both Boa FS1-1 dial retention system and MIPs.

The ARO5 is expected to retail for $250

Oakley ARO3 ARO5 Cycling Helmet

A little comparison shot of the ARO3 and ARO5.

Oakley ARO3 Cycling Helmet Front

Both the ARO5 and ARO3 have a frontal eyewear docking system for storing eyewear when not in use.

Oakley ARO3 Cycling Helmet Side

Oakley ARO5 Cycling Helmet Side

I am pretty sure this was the ARO5.

The Oakley ARO5 Cycling Helmet will be available in a multitude of colors.

Oakley ARO5 Cycling Helmet


Oakley ARO3 Review | Oakley ARO3 Cycling Helmet Review

Oakley AR03 Cycling Helmet AtomicBlue

The ARO3 cycling helmet is Oakley least expensive most ventilated helmet design.  Similar to the ARO5, the ARO3 increases the venting with larger cooling ports.  While the ARO3 definitely has larger venting ports than the ARO5, at first look the Suomy Timeless Cycling Helmet and the Laser Z1 do a bit more to channel air flow.

Like the ARO5, the ARO3 comes with Oakley’s eyewear docking system, Boa FS1-1 dial retention system and MIPs.

The ARO3 is expected to retail for $180.

Oakley ARO3 Cycling Helmet

Here you can see the front of the ARO3.

Bottom Line

BOTTOM LINE | Oakley Cycling Helmet | ARO7, ARO5 and ARO3

With Oakley entering in the Cycling apparel and Helmet line for 2018, it will be interesting to see how the brand is received.  The helmet prices are inline with many of Oakley’s competitors for top of the line helmets.  I thought Oakley’s logo wasn’t over the top with the helmets, which wasn’t the case for the apparel with a huge O on the front.

I look forward to Oakley sending out some helmets for review. The ARO line should be available for Spring 2018.

Check out Oakley’s website ( for more information.

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