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Suomy Timeless Cycling Helmet Review

This past month we were sent the 2017 Suomy Timeless Cycling Helmet for review.  Suomy cycling helmets are new to the US and the Suomy Timeless Cycling Helmet is part of their Fast Road line of helmets.  We were excited to get our first look at the Suomy helmet line and give them a go.

Suomy Timeless Road Cycling Helmet Review


Suomy is an Italian and family run business.  Having long worked in Yamaha, Umberto Monti, founder of Suomy, decided to become entrepreneur and start a helmet company.  The Suomy company founding involved Umberto and two other brothers, Walter, a former motocross rider and Maurizio, a nuclear engineer.  Together the 3 formed the Suomy brand.


The Suomy Timeless cycling helmet arrives at our doorsteps.



Inside the box contain a silver Suomy Timeless Road Cycling helmet, what Suomy refers to as their Fast Helmets line of road cycling helmets.  Suomy top of road helmets are found in their Road Racing line called the Gun Wind.

Suomy Timeless Road Cycling Helmet Review Front

The helmet contains lots of venting for air flow, in fact there are a total of 35 ventilation holes to allow both air in and out.

Suomy Timeless Road Cycling Helmet Review 2

It’s hard to see, but one noticeable difference that was immediately apparent is the helmet webbing thickness.  The Timeless strap’s webbing is much thinner than many helmets we have used.  The thinner straps obviously reduce weight and add a bit more to comfort.

Suomy Timeless Strap

The Timeless helmets can be adjusted in 4 areas.  3 adjustments can be made on the straps themselves (2 on the right side and 1 on the left).

Suomy Timeless Road Cycling Helmet Review Rearview

Beyond typical helmet strap adjustments, the helmets main adjustment mechanism is in the rear.  Once the straps are adjusted for fit, the rear adjustment knob is all you will be messing with.

We did find that the helmet runs a bit on the small side.  We received a Large, which did fit my big noggin, but if my head was a bit bigger, I would have definitely needed an Extra Large.  I would advise going to a bigger size if you have doubts.


  • Made in in-molding technology.
  • Outer shell made out of ABS and inner shell in EPS.
  • SMC system (Suomy Minimum Contact System), which creates a gap between the head and the helmet, which guarantees maximum comfort.
  • 35 ventilation holes in variable directions to optimize airflow.
  • Adjustable rear fit system with 2 vertical 2 horizontal settings.
  • Removable and washable padding, available in different thickness.
  • Lower protective ring along the bottom edge of the helmet.
  • Retail: $94.99

Suomy Timeless Road Cycling Helmet Review Front

Here is a front view of what the helmet looks like when worn.  Notice all the front vents.
Jersey is by Rapha (  See our Rapha Reviews.

Suomy Timeless Road Cycling Helmet Review Rear View

The helmet sits high on the head and feels very secure.

Suomy Timeless Road Cycling Helmet Review Side Profile

Here we have a side view of the helmet.  Notice there is a lot of room above the ear for glasses and air flow.  Some helmets can be really annoying because they sit too low, however this isn’t the case with the Suomy.


After taking out the Suomy Timeless Cycling Hemet on various rides I can confirm that the helmet is really good.  I was a bit surprised, but it seems Suomy did their homework in designing a great cycling helmet under $100.

What I really like about the helmet is the airflow and how it sits higher on your head above the ears.  Some helmets sit so low that they mess with your cycling glasses and this certainly isn’t the case with the Timeless.  The airflow through the helmet is excellent and I have zero issues.

I really can’t say anything negative about the helmet or how it works.  For under a $100 it is an excellent value, so if you’re in the market for a great helmet at a great price, you can not go wrong with the Suomy Timeless.


Suomy Timeless Cycling Helmet Review


Summary The 2017 Suomy Timeless Cycling Helmet is a pretty stellar helmet that has just the right about of technology to be a great buy. The 32 vents allow a ton of airflow in and since the helmet rides high on the head it is also very aero. The Retail: $94.99 means that the Suomy Timeless is more than half that of higher end cycling helmets with no real loss of quality or usability. The only downside in our minds is the Suomy Timeless isn't as flashy as the Rudy Project Racemaster or Razer Z1. For those looking for a great deal on an inexpensive road helmet, you will certainly like the Timeless.

Suomy Timeless Cycling Helmet Review

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