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Limar Ultralight+ Helmet Review | 2018

Limar Ultralight+ Helmet Review | 2018

This year at Interbike we got to see a very cool helmet called the Limar Ultralight+.  I knew after seeing it I wanted to get a chance to check it out, so we contacted Albabici ( who is an importer of Italian cycling goodness and rather cool Limar Ultralight+ Proteam Astana was on it’s way.

Limar Ultralight+ Cycling Helmet Side View

Limar History

Limar is an Italian company, with a 30-year-experience in the production of cycle helmets, leading the way with the world’s lightest helmet range. Limar has a strong mission: to be “The Helmet Specialist” by offering the market the widest and best range of helmets in terms of lightness, comfort and fitting.

Limar Ultralight+ Review

Limar dubs the Ultralight+ as “The world’s lightest helmet”…and…well that isn’t exactly true.  For a size large the Ultralight+ comes in at 240 grams, which is light, but the Suomy Timeless size large beats it by 5 grams at 135 grams.

Limar Ultralight+ Cycling Helmet Front View Limar Ultralight+ Cycling Helmet Rear View Limar Ultralight+ Cycling Helmet Side View

What makes the Limar Ultralight+ rather interesting is the bug netting at the front of the helmet.  If you have ever ridden and gotten a bee stuck in your helmet it can BEE rather painful.  I am not quite certain if the netting effects helmet aero dynamics at all, but it is a nice touch.

The buckles on the the helmet are pretty standard and I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Adjustability on the helmet is excellent and uses a non BOA ratchet type system in the rear to loosen or tighten the helmet.  I found the overall helmet design works perfectly with my head.  The chin strap is actually two smaller straps with a gap in between to provide additional cooling.  Any excess strap length is housed in a nice velcro padded holder.

Limar Ultralight+ Cycling Helmet Strap

Notice the gap in between the two strap webbings.

Limar Ultralight+ Cycling Helmet Strap Holder

Limar Ultralight+ helmet Chin Strap Holder

A rear safety light was included with the helmet adding a bit more security when ridding at night or in the early morning.

Limar Ultralight+ Cycling Helmet Light

The Limar Ultralight+ rear helmet light is placed over the round ratchet system.  When turned on it has 3 modes including 2 blinking and 1 constant.

One limitation to the Ultralight+ design is there is no eyeglasses port on the front of the helmet.  The front netting covers vents that one might stuff their eyewear arms into.

The Ultralight+ comes with a whopping 22 vents allowing a ton of airflow.

  • Technology: Double shell In-mould – Ultralight technology
  • Air vents: Superior ventilation with 22 air vents
  • Sizing system: Competition+ system with height adjustment
  • Pads: Antibacterial pads
  • Visor: Removable visor included*
  • Design: Slick Fit
  • Bug Net: Yes
  • Retail: $179.00

MyLimar Helmet Customization

For those that want to customize their helmets, Limar offers what the call MyLimar, that gives you the ability to choose from different color combinations, upload your logo and write your own text.

Here are just a few examples

MyLimar Customized Helmets

Bottom Line | Limar Ultralight+ Helmet Review

I really like the Limar Ultralight+.  The fit is exceptional, the look is Italian styling all the way and the price point isn’t out of the park.

The only negative I could find is the fact that you can’t wear your glasses on the front of your helmet.  For me that isn’t a big deal because I don’t usually wear glasses on my helmet, but I know a few cyclist who do, especially in low light conditions.  The helmet could be modified by removing some of the netting on 2 of the vents to allow glasses to fit, but by doing so you may fall prey to BEEs.

For those who want a very light helmet that is stylish and fun, the Limar Ultralight+ is an excellent choice.

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  1. Andy

    The most useful thing you can do in any helmet review is indicate whether the helmet is best suited to round or oval heads; I find there are helmets that fit like they were made for me, and others that will never fit safely, and that basic shape seems to be the determinant. Plus some comments on how the sizing compares to other brands (which, in fairness, you did with the Suomy review). Thanks.


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