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Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L Review

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L Review

Recently I was asked to go on a camera/video shoot in Jamaica to film my brother who is a Christian paster.  As part of the trip I wanted something I could carry my gear in that wouldn’t be overly burdensome and the Peak Design Everyday Sling looked like a great option.

Peak Design Everyday Sling – My New Day Bag

Peak Design Everyday SlingThe Everyday Sling is what I like to refer to as my new day bag and comes in both a 5L and 10L version.  Rather than use a backpack like the WANDRD PRVKE, which I LOVE, the Sling is less bulky and more versatile when it comes to ease of use and quick access.

While certainly not being able to carry as much as a backpack would, the Everyday Sling feels just right for most situations where I just need a camera, a lens or two, a microphone, my wallet and a few other misc items.

Another cool aspect of the bag is it’s snazzy looks and minimalist design.  The bag just speaks volumes for fashion.  Heck you might even say it’s a MAN PURSE and you might be right.  Even if it is, the bag is incredibly versatile and I am proud to wear it.

Peak Design Everyday Sling – Key Features

The Everyday Sling features a host of pockets which provide ample room for most photographer’s needs.  The main compartment can be divided into 3 main sections with room for a DSLR or Mirrorless camera as well as plenty of room for another lens or two depending on it’s length.

Peak Design Every Day Sling Main Storage Area

Peak Design Messenger Bags And Cycling

For those who cycle and are used to messenger bags with a single strap setup, you will feel right at home with the Everyday Sling and it’s single-shoulder strap.  If you find the Everyday Sling isn’t big enough to meet your needs, especially those wanting to carry 13 and 15 inch laptops, Peak Design makes the Everyday Messenger in a 13 and 15 inch version.

With the Everyday Messenger bags being larger, Peak Design integrated a more robust and larger strap system, making it easier to carry a heavy load.  The bag also comes with a secondary quick cinching stabilizer strap should the need arise for more stability while walking or riding.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

While I don’t own the Everyday Messenger, I could see it being extremely useful for the business commuter who needs to transport their laptop and a change of clothes.  Based on what I have seen, Peak Design nailed it, providing ample room and pockets for just about everything you could think of.  Heck I am already thinking that this bag could easily replace my current work bag.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

What makes the Sling rather unique is the way Peak Design incorporates a lightning fast adjustable strap pull.  It allows you to quickly loosen the strap and swivel the bag in front of you in one easy motion.  This gives you instant access to your camera or other gear housed in the bag.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Quick Release Strap

While the Everyday Sling was designed for photographers and videographers, it’s great design makes it a perfect commuter bag for those who need to carry small items to work like an iPad and a few cloths.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Cycling Commuter Bag

Bottom Line – Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

The Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L is my new goto day bag when I’m looking to video shoot or take pictures around town.  It’s overall simplicity, fantastic looks and design make it a clear winner.

If you are looking for a day bag to carry your camera gear in style, look no further.

Check out Peak Design ( and their other fantastic products.

▶ BUY – Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

▶ BUY – Peak Design Everyday Messenger


Gear I used to shoot the video in this article

If you notice the audio, it wasn’t anything fancy. I had the VideoMicro just plugged into my Sony A7iii. It’s super small and IMO sounds really good.

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