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Sidi Alba 2 Cycling Shoe Review

Sidi Alba 2 Cycling Shoe Review

Sidi is synonymous with cycling and this year Sidi updated the Alba with the Alba 2, a lower entry cycling shoe.


The Sidi Alba 2 is a fantastic entry level cycling shoe that boasts many features of higher end cycling shoes at a lower cost. The Politex synthetic uppers conform to your foot and Sidi’s unique adjustment dial allows full control over fit.


  • Price Point
  • Multiple Color Choices
  • Great Retention System


  • Doesn’t come with Dual Techno 3 dials

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Sidi Alba 2 Cycling Shoe Unboxing


We were very excited to get our hands on our very first pair of Sidi’s. Its been a long time coming after making several attempts over the years to get a pair. Let’s just say the wait was worth it.

Unboxing the Sidi Alba 2’s was really easy as the box just contained the cycling shoes and a technical manual. Inside the manual, there were a few Sidi stickers, which was nice.

Not much to unbox. You get 2 shoes and a tech manual.
The Sidi Alba 2’s come with a tech manual.
Sidi Stickers

Sidi Alba 2 Cycling Shoe Review



Sidi’s goal with the Alba 2 was to design a lower entry shoe for cyclists that wouldn’t give them sticker shock. While the shoes are still expensive (over $200), they are much less than many other SIDI offerings.

To reduce the price SIDI built the shoes with a single TECNO 3 dial and replaced an additional one with 2 Velcro straps. They went further and used slightly different materials than their higher models use including utilizing a Politex synthetic upper and a Millennium 4 Carbon Sole.

While the materials are of a cheaper grade, performance is still very high and realistically most cyclists probably feel the difference.

OBSERVATION: When first testing out the Alba 2’s I ran into an issue where the top of the tongue was digging into my tibia. As it turns out, most Sidi shoes come with a tongue that is cut in several places leading to the top of the tongue. However, the cuts stop short of the edge of the tongue.

Sidi recommends that if you experience issues like I was describing you can use a pair of scissors to extend each cut to the edge. This allows the top edge of the tongue to flare out and not dig into the top of your foot or tibia. The tongue lays flatter on the top of the foot after this and should eliminate the issue.

Color Choice

The Alba 2 comes in 4 flavors depending on your preference. We received the black/black, which is a classic color and looks great.

Shoe Fit And Performance

The fit, comfort, and quality of Sidi shoes are well known and the Alba 2’s doesn’t disappoint. The quality is top-notch.

Sidi uses a material known as Politex and it fits your feet like only a high-end pair of shoes from an Italian footwear firm can.

In designing the shoe, Sidi uses several overlapping layers with different properties that are compacted into two fabrics, knitted fabric and felt, that are then dyed for long-lasting color retention. The use of Politex means the shoes will be durable and will help resists ripping, tearing, stretching and fading.

“Politex” is made in strict compliance with European regulations and is a totally “green” product.

The Alba 2 has a single mess vent on the bottom of the shoe

The Sidi Alba 2 road shoes use a standard 3-hole drilling pattern and are compatible with 3-hole road cleats and pedals and utilize Look’s Memory Eyelets for easy cleat alignment and replacement down the road.


Sidi uses a single TECNO 3 dial on the Alba 2. This was the first time using the TECNO 3 and I have to say it is very good.

The TECNO 3 comes with a flip-up tab that allows you to add tension and also 2 buttons to loosen tension. The flip-up tab gives you a bit more torque than boa dials do, which I happen to like.

The Tecno 3 system is very similar to the dials featured on other high-end shoes. It comes with a micro-adjustable widget that helps adapt the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. The wire material is non-binding and allows for quick and effortless adjustments on the fly.

If you do run into issues, Sidi is well known for serviceability and the buckles are replaceable if needed.

SIDI TECNO 3 Open with flip tab pointing outward
Adjustable Closure

Velcro Closure System

The SIDI Alda 2 is equipt with 2 Velcro straps that are easy to adjust and change on the fly.

While I do think the Velcro straps work as designed, I prefer the performance of a boa closure system or in this case SIDI’s TECNO 3 SYSTEM.

With that said, the use of velcro straps reduces overall shoe cost, which for many is a really good thing.


The Sidi Alba 2 contains quite a few pinholes to allow the shoes to breathe, but it isn’t as breathable as other cycling shoes that come with larger vents.

I would rate the cycling shoes for winter, early sprint, and late fall riding. For summer, the shoes will probably run a bit hot.

The cycling shoes also come with a single screened vent on the bottom, but once you add cleats, it really doesn’t provide any airflow since they cover up the opening.


Suola Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole

The Suola Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole features injected carbon fiber in a matrix of Nylon, providing more rigidity than a standard nylon sole.

The Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole is also more durable, completely non-water-absorbent and mechanically stable, meaning it’s less susceptible to changes in stiffness resulting from aging, prolonged usage, and changes in temperature or humidity.


An anti-slip toe insert and replaceable polyurethane heel pad are incorporated into the Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole, for walkability.

Heel Cup Adjustability

Unlike some of the SIDI offerings, the heel cup isn’t adjustable. That said I had no issue and didn’t feel the need to adjust anything.

The shoes come standard with an anti-slip toe insert and replaceable polyurethane heel pad to help improve walkability and add overall durability.

  • Sidi road cycling shoes at an aggressive price
  • Proven stiffness and durability of the Millenium 4 outsole
  • Politex synthetic uppers conform to your foot
  • An upper dial with hook-and-look strap fastening system
  • Sidi shoes set the course for style and performance for all cycling shoes

Technical Specifications






The Sidi Alba 2 is a fantastic entry level cycling shoe that boasts many features of higher end cycling shoes at a lower cost. The Politex synthetic uppers conform to your foot and Sidi’s unique adjustment dial allows full control over fit.


  • Price Point
  • Multiple Color Choices
  • Great Retention System


  • Doesn’t come with Dual Techno 3 dials

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