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Sony RX100 VII vs Canon Powershot G7X Mark III

Sony RX100 VII vs Canon Powershot G7X Mark III. For 2019 both Sony and Canon are paying much more attention to the Vlogger crowd and actually came out with cameras specifically targeted for those users.

For a long while, vloggers have been requesting a microphone port the small compact cameras and this year both Sony and Canon delivered. Of course, both cameras come nicely equipt with Flip-up screens for selfie shots.

While it might look super cool to have a big DSLR vlogging rig, it can weigh a ton and isn’t very practical when traveling. Vloggers these days are looking for something much more compact and much more affordable. Both the RX100 VII and the Canon Powershot G7X Mark III are in that sweet spot of a small compact vlogging camera setup.

Sony RX100 VII

The Sony RX100 line has always been pretty stellar and the Sony RX100 VII is no exception. The big improvements this year are the edition of a microphone port and Sony’s Movie Eye AF.

Sony also revved up the RX100 VII video capabilities with even faster autofocus, burst shooting, and improved 4K video stabilization.

RX100 VII with its 200mm Lens fully extended
Back of the RX100 VII
RX100 VII Flip-Up Screen

RX100 VII Key Specifications

Key Specifications

  • Retail Price: $1,200
  • 24-200mm f/2.8-4.5 Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens
  • 4K HDR movie recording with real-time Eye AF
  • New microphone input
  • 20fps blackout-free continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking
  • One-inch, 20.1MP Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Touchscreen LCD that tilts 180-degrees up, 90-degrees down
  • Sony VCT-SGR1 Shooting Grip (Additional Purchase)
  • Active Steady Shot (stabilizatiON)

For vloggers, Sony really hit it out of the park with the new RX100 VII’s capabilities. For those that prefer to take pictures and still have good video functionality, a better option would be the less expensive RX100 VI.

The biggest hurdle Sony will run into is if people are willing to pay the high price tag. At $1,200 retail, the RX100 VII is quite expensive compared to similar cameras. For the same price, you could purchase the brand new G7X Mark III and still have money left over for a GoPro Hero 8 Black (Soon to be released) or a DJI Drone.

Canon Powershot G7X Mark III

Like the Sony RX100 VII, Canon added a microphone port to the G7X Mark III allowing vloggers to use their own external mics for better audio.

Another neat feature is the G7X Mark III’s ability stream to YouTube Live over Wi-Fi. Canon also added new video formats including 4K 30fps video-capture, 120fps 1,920 x 1,080 slow motion, and HDR movie.

Canon also updated the sensor to boost continuous-shooting speeds and autofocus capabilities.

Canon G7X Mark III 100mm Lens fully extended
Canon G7X III Flip-up screen
G7X III with Flash Extended
Back of the GX7 Mark III Back

G7X Mark III Key Specifications

Key Specifications

  • Retail Price: $750
  • 4.2x Optical Zoom Lens (24-100mm f/1.8-2.8) with Optical Image Stabilizer.
  • 4K 30p / FHD 120p Video.
  • 3.0-inch Touch Panel LCD Screen with Tilt Option of 180° for Selfies.
  • Live Streaming Capable.
  • Vertical Video Support.
  • USB Charge/ Power Supply Compatible.
  • External Microphone Support, Clean HDMI Output.
  • Continuous Shooting up to 20 fps.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®**** Technology.

Sony RX100 VII vs Canon Powershot G7X Mark III

When comparing the Sony RX100 VII to the Canon Powershot G7X Mark III there are some stark differences between the two.

The most obvious difference is the price point. The RX100 VII comes in at a whopping $1200 retail vs $750 for the G7X Mark III. Another big difference is the camera reach. While the G7X Mark III zooms out to 100mm, it can’t match Sony’s 200mm reach.

Beyond many of the differences both camera’s support an external mic, thanks to the addition of a microphone jack port and both use a flip-up selfie screen for those who need to see themselves while shooting.


DescriptionSony RX100 VII Canon Powershot G7X Mark III
Retail Price$1200$750
Lens24-200mm f/2.8-4.524-100mm f/1.8-2.8
Microphone JackYESYES
Youtube Live StreamingNOYES
Camera Sensor1 inch 20.1 meg
Electronic View FinderYES
Internal ND FilterNO
Continuous ShootingYES - 20FPSYES - 20FPS

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