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Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cage Review

I am sure you have heard of the Tacx Neo Trainer, but did you know Tacx also makes cycling accessories like water bottle cages, trainer mats, and cycling tools.  For 2018 Tacx just introduced the Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cage.

Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cage 2018

For most people a water bottle cage is a must on bikes, especially for those who train and/or race on a regular basis.  Here in Austin, if you don’t have a water bottle cage, you will soon realize that was a big mistake, especially in when cycling in the full heat of an Austin summer.

With all the choices out there, most people just settle on the cages that came on their bikes when they purchased them or just bought whatever the bike store had at the time.

Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cages Arrive

Bianca over at Tacx was kind enough to ship out some of their new Ciro water bottle cages to test out and review.

Their minimal design means they are a little more aero than your average water bottle holders.  It also means they are a bit easier to mount, since one of the mounting screws has no cage obstructing it.  Lastly Tacx uses a combination of Carbon and Glass Fibre to make the cages both light and strong.

The color palette for the packaging is easy on the eyes and looks great.  My initial impression is a preference towards the matte coat over the gloss coat simply because my Felt AR 1 bike is matte.

The Tacx 2018 Ciro Water Bottle Cages arrive

Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cage 2018 Gloss and Matte

We received 4 Ciro Water Bottle Cages and 2 water bottles.

Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cages 2018

The 2 Tacx Ciro Water Bottle cages on the left are gloss and the ones on the right are Matte

Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cage Carbon and Glass Fiber

The Tacx Ciro Cages are made of Carbon and Glass Fibre which makes them super light and strong. Weighing in at 29g.  

Tacx Ciro – Standing Out From The Crowd

So what makes the Tacx Ciro stand out from the crowd?  It really boils down to good looks, a minimalist approach and weight.

Tacx’s engineers got to work on designing a water bottle cage with an emphasis on it being light weight, strong and incorporate a minimalist design.  The end result is a carbon reinforced water bottle cage that weighs in at a scant 29g.

In order to keep weight down and still maintain strength Tacx engineers used a combination of a carbon fiber outer with a glass fiber core.

Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cage Carbon

Tacx offers the Ciro in a multitude of bright colors as well as more traditional colors to match almost anyone’s tastes.

The cages can be ordered in both gloss or matte depending on preference.

Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Colors

The Ciro retails for $19.99, which is an excellent price point for what you get.

Check out Tacx to find more about the Ciro Water Bottle Cage.

I will be testing the Ciro out over the next few months to see how it performs.  Based on my initial impression, it looks to be a winner.

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