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Top 3 Indoor Cycling Training Apps

If you ride on an indoor trainer and want to get the most out of it, then you’re going to want to use a cycling training app.  We have compiled the Top 3 Indoor Cycling Training Apps.

Cycling Training Apps

Before we get started there are a few items you will probably want to get.

  • An Electronic Bike Trainer.  While not required, most electronic bike trainers will automatically adjust resistance based on what is happening in the cycling application/video.  For example if you’re going uphill, a smart trainer will increase the resistance to simulate what would happen in real life.
  • Ant+ dongle – In most cases to communicate with the various software, a Ant+ dongle will be required.
  • Towel or Towels – Depending on your sweat rate, you will need a towel or two.
  • Fan – When doing hard workouts on a trainer it can get very hot.  Having a fan blow wind on you can make the training session much more enjoyable.  A Vornado fan can put out a lot of air.
  • Trainer Matt – Having a trainer mat can help capture any sweat that drips and can also help prevent the trainer from slipping.

Sufferfest Cycling Training App

The Sufferest logoIf you’re serious about getting faster, then The Sufferfest might be your secret weapon. With a huge library of structured workouts designed by elite coaches, connection to devices and smart trainers, activity archive, achievement tracking, and sharing to Strava and TrainingPeaks, it’s pretty bad ass.

Sufferfest breaks their videos down into Bike, Body & Mind.  Rather than presenting an animated world or video, Sufferfest presents real footage of real pros riding to provide motivation and training.

Cost: $10 per month

Zwift Cycling Training App

Zwift LogoZift allows you to ride with any of your friends or other people any where in the world at any time.  When using Zift your placed in a 3D landscape that is pretty spectacular.  Zwift calls this world Zwift Island and Watopia.

Zwift reads directly from your sensors, whether that’s a speed/cadence sensor, power meter, or smart trainer, which means that you do NOT need a bike computer. Instead, Zwift recommends using the Zwift Mobile Link app for iOS and Android devices which performs the same functions and works as a game controller.

ZWIFT Mayan Expansion Riding

Cost: $14.99 per month

Update: November 16th 2017.  Zwift introduced a new monthly pricing plan of $14.99, a 50% increase from their previous plan.  Anyone who was a Zwift user prior to the price increase, are grandfathered in on the $9.99 monthly plan.

Zwift Annouces An Increases Monthly Fees



TrainerRoad LogoTrainerRoad takes a bit different approach to cycling.  Rather than provide flashy visual scenery, TrainerRoad provides provides guided interval training to help riders of all types become faster cyclists.  You can think of it more as a structured training session that takes a more scientific approach.

It’s sort of like having a cycling lab in your home.  Most workouts come with instructional and motivational workout text to keep you focused and on-track while you train.

Cost: $12 per month or $99 a year


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