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Topeak Nano Torqbar X Review

Topeak Nano Torqbar X Review

While doing some research on cool bike tools I came across the Topeak Nano Torqbar X, a compact and an easy to use torque wrench.

The Nano Torqbar X gives cyclists a portable torque wrench solution that can easily be carried in a bike bag or even a jersey pocket.

Topeak Nano Torqbar X Unboxing


I reached out to Topeak and within a week the Nano Torqbar X arrived in a bright yellow box showing what Topeak refers to as a Torqbar (A metal tube used for the handle) and a plastic case containing a TorqSocket, 2 Torque bits (T20 / T25 Torx), and 3 Hex bits (4mm, 5mm, and 6mm).

Nano Torqbar X
Torqbar X with directions
The Torqbar X contains 5 bits (3 hex and 2 torque bits)
The Torqbar contains 2-bit magnetized holders
The tool can measure torque from 0 to 6 Nm (Newton Meters).

Topeak Nano Torqbar X Review


With so many cyclists owning high-end bikes, it makes perfect sense that they should own a torque wrench for measuring Nm (newton meters) or what is referred to as a torque measurement in Nm.

Important Note: The Nano TorqSocket is for measturing torque and tightening only. Using the Nano Torqbar X TorqSocket for loosening hardware will result in loss of calibration and possibly damage the socket.

In reading the directions, which I rarely do, I noticed that the TorqSocket is NOT (repeat NOT) designed for loosening bolts and in fact can be damaged doing so. Its sole purpose is for measuring torque when tightening screws.

Topeak Nano Torqbar X TorqSocket

Don’t make the mistake and assume, like I did, that the TorqSocket can be used for both tightening and loosing screws. Had I not looked at the Warning Section in the mini pamphlet that came with the tool, I would have certainly used it for loosening bolts.

This limits the use of the tool in certain situations where you may
have to loosen a bolt and need the extra reach of the socket’s 2 1/4
inches.  Issues include adjusting bike fit for seat height, bar height
other situations where you may want to make adjustments out while

When I am out mountain biking I would certainly want a tool that could
either loosen or tighten bolts on the fly. You can use the Torqbar X with the small bits to loosen or tighten bolts, but you lose the extra 2 1/4 inch reach of the TorqSocket, which is a bummer.

Quality And Craftsmanship

The Topeak Nano Torqbar X is a high-quality tool. It is composed of an aluminum metal shell and an engineering grade polymer insert. Topeak uses magnets to hold both the TorqSocket and bits in place when in use.

Hidden Torqbit Compartment

One really nice feature of the Nano Torqbar X is it comes with a hidden compartment that can house 2 of the 5 bits. In most cases, I would probably carry the 4mm and 6mm hex bits and put the 5mm hex bit in the TorqSocket for a total of 3 bits.

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

  • 3 / 4 / 5 Allen bits
  • T20 / T25 Torx® bits
  • TORQ RANGE 2 -6 Nm
  • TOOL MATERIAL Hardened steel
  • TORQBIT MATERIAL Steel / Aluminum
  • BODY MATERIAL Aluminum / Engineering grade polymer
  • Integrated compartment for two bits
  • SIZE 15.2 x ø2.1 cm / 6” x 0.8”
  • WEIGHT 64 g / 2.26 oz (TorqBar)
  • 130 g / 4.59 oz (TorqBar w/ 1 TorqBit & 2 bits)


Initially, I was really excited about the prospects of the Topeak Nano Torqbar X, it’s light and compact, but given the fact that it has limited uses, it wouldn’t be my first choice to bring while cycling.


  • Great Looking Tool
  • Easy To Use
  • Very Well Built
  • Compact


  • Limited Uses
  • Can’t loosen bolts with the TorqSocket without possibly damaging the tool.

A better option would be the Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX or SILCA T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque.

I feel having a ratching tool is more important than a torque tool while out cycling.

The TorqBar X seems better suited for home or shop use given its more limited capabilities.

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