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Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk Review

Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk Review

For those that do a lot of cycling on an indoor trainer having some type of bike desk becomes essential piece of equipment.  At some point the folks Wahoo Fitness decided it would make a lot of sense to create their own Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk and they did just that.

wahoo fitness bike desk Cycling Desk

Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk Review

The Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk retails for $249 and in the scheme of things is a rather inexpensive investment for your indoor bike training sessions.  It provides plenty of space for your laptop or iPad or both and has ample room for other things such as a phone, water bottles and nutritional snacks.

wahoo fitness standing desk top

The desk can raise and lower to adjust to bike height and preference.  It comes with 2 blue push height adjustment buttons that allow you to lower or raise the desk.

Wahoo Fitness Standup Desk Bike Desk Rollerblade Type Wheels

The desk comes with 3 Rollerblade type wheels that allow you to easily move the desk forwards or backwards.  The frame is in a U-Shape that proves space for your front wheel.


Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk - Olaf

The Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk Arrives. Olaf is always ready to hang out on new products.

Wahoo Fitness Cycling Desk unboxing 1

Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk packaging. Everything looked good.

Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk unboxing 2

The main bike desk is made out of plastic and has a slip resistant top

Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk Cycling Desk Parts

The Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk is composed of 5 pieces plus 6 mounting screws and directions.

Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk Built Up

The bike desk on a Wahoo Trainer Mat with a Tacx Neo trainer. You can see there is plenty of room for a bike’s front wheel.

While I think the desk does everything it was designed to do, I am not a huge fan of it’s quality and craftsmanship.  It’s just seems like Wahoo could do better.  To be honest it feels like it was made in China from a cheap factory that wasn’t focused on quality control.  Also the plastic top and the plastic height adjustment push buttons make it feel a little less polished.  While they certainly both work, it cheapens the overall performance.

When putting the bike desk together I had to use a rubber mallet to bang one of the railings into place.  The fit was off and if I hadn’t had the Mallet I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish building it.

When looking at other reviews of the bike desk, most of the negative reviews revolve around quality control and the initial build.  Once the unit is setup properly, people really seem to enjoy the desk.  I have to admit, the Wahoo desk is my first bike desk and it really does make riding an indoor trainer more enjoyable since you can have easy access to items you need.

When I am riding the trainer my typical setup is to have my iMac running Zwift, some water, a small towel and my phone on the table.  All are easily within reach should I need to use them.

Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk | Bottom Line

Even with my negative feedback on build quality, the Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk works great when needed.  I did have some issues building it, but once built I haven’t had any issues thus far.

The slip resistant top keeps everything in place and should the need arise that I need to raise or lower the table, pushing the blue height adjustment buttons does the trick.

Check out the Wahoo Fitness Brand and other Wahoo Fitness Products on their website (

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