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2017 Top Road Cycling Shoes

2017 Top Road Cycling Shoes

2017 Top Road Bike Cycling Shoes

Every shoe listed in our review are considered the top of the line cycling shoes with a retail price point between $250 to $400.  Depending on your cycling habits, most of these shoes should last a few seasons unless you’re really hard on them.  I tend to rotate cycling shoes every ride, which makes them last longer.  I still have cycling shoes from 6 years ago that are still in good shape.

  • Bont Vapor
  • FI’ZI:K R1 B Uomo
  • Giro Empire SLX
  • Giro Prolight Techlace
  • Luis Garneau Course Air Light
  • Sidi Wire
  • Specialized S-Works 6
  • Vittoria Ikon

Bont Vapor Cycling Shoe
Bont Vapor Cycling Shoes

Manufacture’s website:

Bont has been in the shoe business for quite some time.  I was first introduced to Bond back in the early 90’s when I raced inline skates.  They made super stiff inline boots.  Back then though the boots were a bit too stiff for my liking.  Fast forward and now Bont is makings some outstanding cycling shoes.

The Bont Vapor is their top of the line shoe.  It comes in both standard and custom.  They also have an old school lace up in the Vapor lineup.


fizik UOMO Cycling Shoes 2017

FI’ZI:K R1B UOMO Cycling Shoes

Manufacture’s Website:

The FIZIK R1B UOMO (pronounced FI’ZI:K) Cycling Shoes look super interesting.  They sort of remind us of football trainers.  Again not as flashy as Sidi or Vittoria, they certainly look like they would get the job done.

What really makes the R1B UOMO stand out is the unique BOA closure setup.  The top tongue and wires wrap to the right rather than over the foot, potentially eliminating pressure points that a traditional lacing system could cause.

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GIRO-Empire-SLX-cycling-shoes 2017


Manufacture’s Website:

While most cycling companies are still utilizing BOA closure systems on their top of the line cycling shoes, GIRO is going old school lacing and producing shoes that are wicked light.

It remains to be see whether this is a fad or something many cycling shoe companies will start adopting.  One thing is for sure, you definitely do get a very custom fit with laces.  The negative of course is they are LACES and as such are more of a pain to get in and out of the shoes.  The other negative of course is you don’t really have the ability to adjust them on the fly like you do with the BOA or BOA like systems.

Giro_S_Prolight Techlace 2017

GIRO ProLight Techlace Cycling Shoes

Giro ProLight Techlace is altogether unique in cycling shoe world.  Rather than use the BOA closure system, GIRO has developed a new lacing system they have dubbed Techlace™.  The Techlace uses velcro straps with laces to adjust fit.  I was a bit apprehensive that it would actually work, but to my surprise it not only works but gives you an exceptional fit.  The only downside I can see is that the shoe potentially aren’t as aero as shoes with the BOA system.

Luis Garneau course-air-lite-cycling-shoes 2017

Luis Garneau Course Air Lite Cycling Shoe

Manufacture’s website:

The Course Air Lite is Luis Garneau’s top of the line road shoe for 2017.  Incorporating a 2 BOA lacing system that is common among top cycling shoes.  The Course Air Lite road shoes are Garneau’s lightest shoe yet. The Carbon HM X-Lite outsole with titanium inserts is ultra-light and rigid for better power transfer, and the 4.3 mm carbon platform brings your feet closer to the pedal for even more power.

Sidi-Wire-Road-Cycling-Shoes | 2017 | Racing

Sidi Wire Cycling Shoes

Manufacture’s Website:

Sidi consistently brings it year after year.  The Sidi Wire is both good looking and functional.  The Wire is in our opinion the best looking shoe of 2016.  It has killer graphics and the TECHNO-3 PUSH dials work.  The shoes fit and perform flawlessly.

Like the more mountainous Drako, the Wires come chalk full of features including

  • Microfibra TechPro
  • Soft Instep System
  • Adjustable Heel Retention Device –
  • TECHNO-3 PUSH dials


Specialized-S-Works-6-Cycling-Shoes 2017

Specialized S-Works 6 Cycling Shoes

Manufactures Website:

Specialized always is at the top of the heap when it comes to cycling shoes.  Their shoes are generally more minimal than many of their competitors, yet they fit like a glove.  While their shoes certainly aren’t as flashy as Vittoria or Sidi, they definitely get the job done.

One issue we have with these shoes is the Velcro closure at the top of the toe box.  It seems to take away from the overall sleek look.

The Specialized PadLock heel, combined with revolutionary strong and lightweight materials in the upper, creates a snug fit that is incredibly secure.

Vittoria-IKON-Cycling-Shoes 2017


Manufacture’s Website:

Another favorite of our is the Vittoria IKON.  The IKON is a high performance cycling shoe proudly made in Italy.  Like the Sidi Wire, Vittoria brings it with the IKON.  Killer graphics and fun colors make this shoe stand out.

Like the IKON MTB, the IKON Road shoes come with Vittoria’s SSP micrometrics fastening system.  Rather than slapping on a BOA system, Vittoria makes their own unique ratcheting mechanism that works.  The soles are extremely stiff carbon, perfect for hard sprints and hills.

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