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American Barbell Competition Kettlebell Review | 2023

American Barbell Competition Kettlebell Review | 2023

There is no denying the American Barbell Competition Kettlebells are absolutely gorgeous, but do they perform as good as they look. In short, YES. They are an amazing piece of fitness equipment that aren’t just for commercial gyms.

When I first started searching for the ultimate kettlebell, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for. My main beef with previous Kettlebells revolved around the ability to remain rust free. I hate rusty equipment and so I set my sights looking for a kettlebell that could take abuse and still look relatively new. Most kettlebells come in 2 flavors, cast iron or steel.

My experience with cast iron kettlebells is they always felt a bit dirty and cheap. Rust prevention is certainly an issue and god forbid if you leave them outside. Steel feels much more professional, but again can have issues with rusting. Luckily today, just like barbells, companies are adding rust prevention by using coatings like cerakote or using premium stainless steel to prevent rust.

American Barbell upped the ante by adding a urethane casing to not not only protect the kettlebell, but also help lesson damage that may occur when the kettlebell hits the floor.

American Barbell Competition Kettlebell

The Competition kettlebells incorporate a high quality German urethane covering. Unlike companies that use inferior recycled urethan, American Barbell uses virgin high grade urethane. Not only is the urethane of better quality, it also is extremely strong, odor-free, and scratch-resistant.

Like American Barbell Urethane Dumbbells, the graphics and logo are molded into the body and not colored in after, a process AB pioneered. This means the kettlebells will look almost new even after a lot of use.

The competition kettlebells range in weight between 6KG and 44KG. The handle size of these kettlebells is 32mm.

IMPORTANT Note: Every competition kettlebell is the same size, regardless of the weight. That said, you will want to stick with one company, because depending on the company the kettlebell could be slightly different in handle width and size. The competition kettlebells that American Barbell offer are ideal for high rep work.


  • Urethane covering
  • American Barbell logo
  • 6KG – 44KG
  • 32mm diameter handles
  • Odor-free and scratch-resistant
  • Stainless Steel Handles

Kettlebell Competition

When looking for a competition kettlebell there are a lot of companies producing Kettlebells for competition purposes.

  • Eleiko – Eleiko Competition Kettlebells 8k – 32k (35 mm Handles) cast iron construction + stainless steel handles
  • Kettlebell Kings – Kettlebell Kings Sport Competition Kettlebell 8k – 48k (35mm handles) steel construction
  • Kettlebells USA – Paradigm Pro® Classic Kettlebell 6k – 48k (33mm & 35mm handles) steel construction
  • Rogue Fitness – Rogue Competition Kettlebell 8k – 48k (33mm handles) cast iron
  • Vulcan Strength – Vulcan Competition Kettlebells 8k – 32k (35 mm Handles) steel construction

Bottom Line

While many companies produce good competition kettlebells, American Barbell ticks all the boxes for me with theirs.

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