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Rogue Fitness Jammer Pull-up Bar Review

The Rogue Fitness Jammer Pull-Up Bar is the best door jam pullup bar on the market today. It’s beefy and honestly looks like a tank resting above the door. For those that have Garage Gyms, having one of these above the door isn’t a bad option, although the Rogue Jammer pull-up bar is more designed for indoor use rather than a garage gym. Rogue does make some excellent squat cage type pull-up bars.


There are a lot of different door jam pull-up bars on the market, but most are cheap Chinese made units that end up denting the door jam and never quite feel as secure as they should. The Roque Fitness wall mount pullup bar hangs above the door and out of the way. It is made of steel with commercial grade parts. The bar can be customized with various Cerakote colors and can come Knurled or smooth, depending on preference.



  • Quality Materials
  • Hangs Above Door
  • Commercial Grade
  • Various Color Options
  • Knurled or Smooth Bar Choice
  • Looks Great
  • No Knurled Grip In The Center
  • Shipping Charges
  • Those who aren’t tall may need a stepping stool to use it.
  • Price Point

Product-Review-Section-3 2020

I am a huge fan of pull-ups. Ever since the presidential fitness awards back in my elementary days I have always loved to do pull-ups. Going to the gym I would always do a few sets of 12, but it wasn’t until I did P90X that I really made some gains. At the time I was using one of those cheap door jam pull-up bars that you can get from Walmart. After completing the P90X 90-day training program I was easily ripping out 20+ pull-ups in one go. We are talking good pull-ups and not those sissy swinging cross-fit pull-ups that you see Crossfitters do.

The one issue I always felt was a little annoying was the door jam bar. Sure it worked, but it just struck me a cheaply made and certainly wasn’t the best option. As it turns out when I moved to my new home, the door jam bar wouldn’t work in most of the doors since many of them butted up against a wall. Door jam pull-up bars need space above the door jam and on either side of the wall in order to mount.

Well, I was sort of at a conundrum. What to do, what to do. I started researching pull-up bars that could be mounted over a door and finally came across the Roque Fitness Rogue Jammer. It looked legit, but it was a bit pricy compared to others on the market. At some point, I said enough is enough and pulled the trigger.

The Jammer pull-bar comes in a variety of color options including Grey / Black / Red / Orange / Pink / Blue / Green / Tek Grey Camo / Tiger Stripe Woodland Camo. You also have the option of a smooth or knurled bar. Knurl is simply a term in the fitness industry that refers to handgrip marks or grooves to improve grip.

Knurled vs Smooth

Note: One gripe with the knurl option is there is no knurl in the middle of the bar. Some people who do close grip pull-up complain that they wanted knurl there. For me, this isn’t an issue and I sort of like not having it there.

When the unit arrived I was immediately impressed with how heavy it was. This thing is a beast. We are talking about high-quality steel and something that by all accounts is commercial grade and not some cheap Chinese knockoff.

While I was able to install it myself, some people may want to get an assistant or two. The Jammer weighs 33lbs, but while installing it, the weight felt more like 50+ lbs.

The unit comes with 6 heavy-duty mounting bolts that are designed to screw into your walls studs. There are also 4 additional mounting bolts that screw the bar unit to the bracket.

For me, I had to mount the unit a few times as you can see by the holes. The first time I mounted it and started doing pullups, the wall would squeak. I tried as best as I could to eliminate the squeak by loosing and tightening the bolts, but I simply couldn’t get rid of it and it was driving me nuts. I searched for anyone else who had run into that issue, but my Google-Fu wasn’t strong and it seemed no one was posting about any squeaking issues when mounting the pull-up bar.



  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • In-Home Wall-Mounted Pull-Up System
  • Total Weight: 33LB (Includes Stringer & Brackets)
  • Length: 43″ (Stringer)
  • Height: 8.875″ (Stringer)
  • Depth from mounting surface – 7″ to the center of the bar, 8.25″ overall
  • Pull-Up Bar Diameter: 1.125″
  • (6) 0.375″ x 2.5″ wood lags included
  • Can be ordered in both Knurled and Smooth
  • Price range is $95 for powder coat, $150 for Cerakote and Special Colors $195
  • Cerakote Colorways: Grey / Black / Red / Orange / Pink / Blue / Green / Tek Grey Camo / Tiger Stripe Woodland Camo. Note: Only the Cerakote bars include the Rogue logo in the center

If you want the best over the door wall mount pull-up bar you have to look no further than the Rogue Fitness Jammer Pull-Up Bar. It is quite an impressive piece of equipment that is designed to last a lifetime of use. We recommend getting the Cerakote version to better protect against corrosion and for a bit of color.

Check out Rogue Fitness ( and their whole lineup of Crossfit and Home Fitness Equipment.

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