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Balanced Body – Pilates Springboard / Push Through Bar

Balanced Body – Pilates Springboard / Push Through Bar

Quality Home Equipment

Balanced Body Springboard Push Through Bar

I am so pleased with this wonderful piece of Balanced Body Pilates equipment. It is perfect for home use, though I know a former Pilates co-worker who uses the Pilates Springboard / Push Through Bar in her studio with great success!

In light of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic many Pilates studios and gyms were either closed temporarily or went virtual. Home workouts gyms became much more and more prevalent and the trend hasn’t changed. From a Garage Gym, to a nice studio gym, people want the connivence of the home gym lifestyle. While having equipment at home is not a necessity to stay fit and healthy, having the right quality equipment does enhance your workout and does support your fitness goals in an incredible way.

If you have ever used wall towers at a Pilates studio, or experienced spring work on the Cadillac, then you will be familiar with the Pilates Springboard; and you’ll also notice the incredible amount of space you’ll save.

Of course, there are a couple of exercises that cannot be done in the same way that you would if you were using the wall tower or the Cadillac, but the majority of Pilates exercises (for said equipment) can be done with the Springboard. I’ll get to the details on minor limitations soon. *and these minor limitations are incredibly minor.

What Exercises Can You Do with the Pilates Springboard / Push Through Bar?

You can do just about any Pilates exercise that you’d do with leg springs, arm springs, and the roll up bar. Balanced Body offers many free online videos showing you specific Pilates exercises and routines that can be done with the Springboard. Be sure to look through the video catalog to find what you are interested in.

If you purchase the push through bar – which is sold separately from the Springboard, then you can add even more exercises; but this is where the slight limitation comes in. More on that in a moment. If you order the push through bar at the same time as ordering the springboard, then you receive a discount. It’s well worth it to add this extra equipment to your purchase. The additional exercises you can do with the push through bar are worth it!

What Exercises Can’t You Do?

OK here we are! Honestly, there aren’t many that come to mind. If you’ve used the Wall / Mat Tower or the Cadillac at a Pilates studio before, then you’ll know that when it comes to the Push Through Bar, you’re able to push the bar forward. This allows you to do some reaches and stretches such a a forward bend beyond the mat / tower unit. With the Springboard, you are only able to reach to the point of the wall. For the most part, that is more than enough and even farther than many of us are able to reach anyway.

There are also some exercises that you may have done on the Cadillac or Wall Tower where you’ve used an extender / head rest so to be able to position your body past the edge of the mat portion. (see image above) This is not to say that you can’t still do the exercises with the Springboard, but you simply aren’t able to reach beyond the wall – and that is OK! Not having the ability to use the head rest/ extender is a mild limitation.

More importantly, there are countless exercises that you CAN DO with this wall equipment! I encourage you to view the numerous videos that are shared on the Balanced Body website. Be sure to look for Springboard exercises, Wall Tower, and Cadillac exercises to find what you are looking for. *see links below for guidance.

Why are Pilates Springboard / Push Through Bar Exercises Important for Your Health and Fitness?

Exercise in general is good for us! A variety of movement, modalities, outdoor fresh air cardio; and various styles of strength training is without a doubt good for everyone. But, what makes the Pilates Springboard exercises stand out from other forms of exercise?

It’s Not Just for Dancers or Pilates Peeps!

  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Lengthen / Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Balance / Coordination
  • Mental Focus
  • Reconnect to fullness of breath
  • Strong Core
  • Increased Energy
  • Stress Reliever
  • Better Alignment / posture
  • Increase Body Awareness
  • Enhancement of athletic abilities!!!

Pilates itself is an incredible practice for conditioning. If you are a runner, a cyclist, dancer, football player, golfer, non-athletic, artists, jeweler, preventing injury, recovering from injury, mobile, human-being – Pilates is a wonderful modality to support your well-being.

Of course you can do Pilates without any equipment, however if you’ve never experienced the support you get while using Pilates springs (be it on a Reformer, or a Cadillac), you’re in for a treat!

Depending on where you place the springs on the Springboard, and depending on which spring strength you use (red – heavy duty, blue – medium, yellow – lightest), you can modify the amount of resistance needed for each exercise.

If you’re aiming for gentle therapeutic training, adjust the springs accordingly and start with a lighter resistance. If you’re looking to maximize strength and resistance, use the red springs or a combination of different springs to adjust.

Making the Pilates Springboard and Push Through Bar a part of your standard and daily fitness routine is sure to enhance your overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and alignment. The more consistent you are with these exercises, the greater your positive changes will be. If you have any further questions about whether or not Pilates is right for you please reach out to me. I’ve been teaching Pilates and healthy moving for over 15 years.

Another Positive Note About the Pilates Springboard

The Springboard is a space saver! It takes up no space (besides wall space and ensuring there is enough room on the floor for you to lay down to perform the Pilates exercises.

The Springboard is also elegant! The equipment is easy on the eyes and invites encouraging conversations for those who have never seen it before.
“What is that strange fixture you have on your wall?” – “Well, let me show you!” and Boom! Just like that you are converted into a Pilates believer 🙂

Don’t you want to inspire others around you to get on board with healthy living!? 🙂

Quality Pilates Equipment in Your Home for a Lower Price

The Balanced Body Pilates Springboard is available to you at a more affordable price than some of the other quality Pilates equipment such as the Wall Tower or Cadillac. For a fraction of the cost, you can have the excellence of Pilates spring resistance in your own home.

This is a great choice for those who want the capability of doing your own Pilates exercises at home, as well as having the capability of practicing Pilates spring exercises in between studio sessions.

If you’re a Pilates instructor, the Springboard is an excellent and more affordable choice for your own home studio for self practice and for sessions with clients.

Pilates springboard wall unit

Balanced Body Pilates Springboard: $445

Balanced Body Springboard with Push Through Bar: $745

Visit Balanced Body for more details on the Balanced Body Springboard and Push Through Bar.

How Easy Is It To Set Up The Pilates Springboard?

Somewhat easy – provided you have the tools and a helping hand. It’s definitely not hard, but certainly not easy.

You will need to have some specific tools to help you get started. Once you find a space in your home, you’ll need to measure out enough space for you to be able to have proper floor access when doing the exercises. Once you know that, then you must find where the studs in the wall are. If you do not find studs or if you must install your Pilates Springboard in an area without studs, you CAN STILL INSTALL IT SUCCESSFULLY! But you will need to get specialty dry wall screws that are designed for this very purpose.

Luckily Balanced Body Pilates offers some extra help with assembly needs. Visit their website for any detailed installation questions!

Required Tools to Install Your Balanced Body Pilates Springboard:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Ladder or Step Stool / Chair
  • Stud Finder – Oo-la-la 😉
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wrench 7/16th
  • Extra helping hand!
  • Level (not vital, but helpful)

Happy Installation and may your movement uplift you!

Let us know how you like your Pilates Springboard and share with us any feedback with the installation process as well as how your body feels after moving with the Springboard! We value your feedback!

Cheers to your health and wellbeing! May Pilates enhance your athletic pursuits!

About The Author

Kathleen Crandall

Kathleen has taught Pilates, yoga, and fitness and for over 15 years. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and holistic nutrition coach. She is passionate about writing and sharing tips on fitness, nutrition, and her favorite health related products. She has worked in schools as an art teacher and PE and health educator. When she is not out there teaching or writing, she can be found outdoors being adventurous with her husband and their fun loving German Shorthaired Pointer.

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  1. Mary Mitchell

    The biggest problem with the Push-Through Bar is that it is horrible design. I don’t want a bar hanging down in my bedroom, so I removed it. When I put it back, the device with the green end jammed. It is not coming out, and the whole thing is hanging by one end as it blocks the springboard. I don’t know who thought of this, but it is inappropriate for this use. And you get to bang you head on the wall if you try to do any classic exercises. I wish I had never gotten any of this equipment!


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