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Harambe System Review (2024) | Exercise Band Tools

In a world where resistance band training has become very popular, the Harambe System ( emerges as a true powerhouse, redefining the boundaries of how good resistance band training can be. Crafted with precision stainless steel and virgin UHMW, the Harambe System stands tall, ready to unleash your inner beast.

Harambe System package

For those that haven’t heard of the the Harambe System or resistance band training, you are in for a treat.

You might be wondering what Harambe actually means. In simplest terms it means “pulling together, caring, and sharing”.

Our Review Verdict – Well Worth It

We absolutely love the Harambe System. It’s made from high quality materials and feels great to use.


  • High Quality Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Bars
  • Heavy Duty Shock Cords
  • Durable Layered Construction Bands
  • Bomb Proof Exercise Board
  • Excellent Customer Service and Training
  • Various Training Attachments


  • Proprietary Attachment
  • Cost (Buy Once, Cry Once)

Harambe System Background

A while back I hurt my shoulder and was looking for a way to rehab it by using resistance bands. In doing some research I came across several products that you might have seen ads for include the X3 Bar, XBar and the Gorilla Bow.

While these systems looked very promising, I knew there were others. Sure enough I came across the Harambe System and reach out to Khalid Bou-Rabee, who owns the Harambe brand, to see if I could get the system in for review. About a month later a big box arrived with all sorts of goodies.

Unboxing Harambe System

I was really shocked how heavy the box was when the Harambe System arrived. I knew what was being sent, but for some reason I didn’t imagine the box being as big and heavy as it was.

Khalid sent everything I had asked for and a few more items. I was really interested in seeing how the K Bar and T Bar differed, so I was sent both. Also included was the travel bag, lots of cord for the bars and T Handles and a really bomb proof standing plate.

Let’s dive into this extraordinary fitness set up.

Unrivaled Material Excellence

As one who is all about quality, the Harambe System is the creme de creme of resistance band training tools. Currently the system uses 2 straight bars and a set of handles including:

  • T Bar (28″, approx 3 lbs, 1.06″ diameter)
  • K Bar (36″, approx 10 lbs, 1.1″ diameter)
  • T Handles

These items can be purchased individually or in bundle packages. If you decide to choose a bundle, I recommend the K Bundle, which retails for $799. It comes with an assortment of resistance bands, V2 Rope, K Rods, the top of the line K Bar, the plate and cork block (Very useful when doing certain exercises).


Now if price is an issue, you can always purchase the T Bundle, which will set you back $599 retail. Now the T Bar is very good and reliable, it just isn’t as nice IMO as the K Bar. It is also 8″ shorter, which may not work as well with those who have wide shoulders and larger hands.

Harambe System Cork Block and Plate
Harambe System back side of the Plate Block

All bars are made using stainless steel and UHMW pulleys. The system also employs the use of a resistance board or what Haramabe refers to as a resistance plate, stainless steel cradles, resistance bands and heavy duty cords.

Harambe System close up of pulley and cords

The System uses the combination of pulleys and cord attachments to secure the resistance bands. On each bar end (K Bar, T Bar and T Handles) there are UHMW pulleys that hold the resistance bands in place, ready for a workout.

Harambe System close up of the pulley

At first it might seem a bit cumbersome, but after you attach a resistance band a few times, it makes perfect sense.

Harambe System Resistance Bands

Harambe uses 100% top-grade Sri Lankan latex, featuring 25 continuous layers, making their resistance bands much more durable than commonly-sold molded bands sold in stores.

Each band is 38 in. long and 1/4 in. thick and a least for me didn’t have that rubber order smell that sometimes accompanies resistance bands. For a point of reference the X3 bars bands are 41 inches long. I find that Harambe’s shorter bands actually ups the resistance a bit over the X3 bands.

The bands are sold as a bundle

  • Yellow 1/4 in. 10-20 lbs
  • White 1/2 in. 20-40 lbs
  • Light Green 1 in. 40-80 lbs
  • Heavy Green 2 in. 80-160 lbs
  • Black 2 1/2 in. 100-200 lbs
Harambe System resistance bands


  • 38 in. long and 1/4 in. thick
  • Smooth finish minimizes friction with the Plate
  • Lighter in weight but greater in force/resistance than 41″ bands
  • More range of motion for exercises than 41″ bands
  • Incredibly durable layered construction
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 99.9% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens)

I found that using the Yellow band in combination with the T Handles made for some great back/shoulder exercises, like Band Pull-Aparts. This targets your rear deltoids and upper mid back.

Romanian Deadlifts | Resistance Bands

If you have ever tried Romanian Deadlifts in the gym with a normal bar, you will love doing it with resistance bands. The exercise utilizes the one of the above resistance bands (based on your strength and ability) double up, the resistance plate, the cork block and the K Bar or T Bar.

It is a fantastic leg exercise and using the Harambe System makes it really enjoyable.

Harambe System Exercises

I have talked about a few exercise you can do with the Harambe System, but there are so many more. Khalid has come out with some great workout routines to try segmented into push days and pull days.

Harambe System Exercises
Harambe System Exercises

Resistance Band Competition

In conducting this review we reached out to several companies including X3, XBar and Gorilla Bow and we received units for each.

X3 Bar (

The biggest advantages of the X3 bar is the fact that it is super easy to load bands and its portability. We found that out of all the exercise resistance band tools, the X3 bar was the easiest to transport. Many people who own the X3 bar do complain about the bar being a bit too short.

X3 Bar setup
  • Retail $549
  • Complete home gym system
  • Easy to follow X3 12 Week Program
  • Four X3 resistance bands (Up to 30% more resistance than other layered latex bands)
  • Heavy-duty alloy steel X3 ground plate protects ankles from high workout forces. Forces which have the potential to exceed 600 pounds

Bands are attached to the X3 by simply sliding them into the X3 hangers. It makes for super fast band changes. Currently X3 doesn’t offer individual purchases of the bar or any other accessories. When you receive the X3 bundle, X3 provides a resistance band plate.

We loved the easy loading system of the bar, but felt the bar was really limiting due to it’s length. Having a longer bar could really improve the overall feeling during things like squats.

Harambe System Vs X3 Bar

Both the Harambe System and the X3 Bar are great resistance band tools. The advantage of the X3 is how easy it is to travel with and load different size resistance bands.

Harambe has several advantages over the X3 including a much better resistance band plate, longer bars and more accessories including the t handles, for individual arm exercises.

Both systems are good, but IMO the clear winner is Harambe System.

XBar (

For those that have wrist issues, you may find the XBar a little more forgiving. Rather than a straight bar like the X3 and the Harambe System bars, the bar has bends in the bar to allow different had positions.

Xbar setup

Bands are attached to the bar ends using carabiners. We found this relatively easy to attach bands and there is room to attach multiple bands. Both the XBar and the Harambe System offer the most accessories for their resistance systems and you can purchase these separately or in a bundle.

Your XBAR package includes:

  • Retail $299.00 Regular sale price $448.96
  • (1) XBAR
  • Plus for a limited time get $149.96 in accessories for FREE! 
  • (3) Resistance tube bands providing 5lbs-150lbs+ of adjustable resistance. $79.99 – Free With Bundle.
  • (2) Push-up docs for enhanced versatility. $29.99 – Free With Bundle.
  • (1) Door anchor for easy setup. $19.99 – Free With Bundle.
  • (1) Accessory carrying bag for convenient transportation. $19.99 – Free With Bundle.
  • (1) Comprehensive fitness guide featuring 100+ simple exercises Access to an online video library of workouts to keep you motivated and on track

Love the XBar commercials that I see. Lots of fun.

We loved the ability to position your hands using the curves and change things up. We did find the bar action not as smooth as either the X3 Bar and Harambe System.

Harambe System Vs Xbar

If you are into infomercials, the Xbar has the win. Actually the Xbar has some great infomercials that are fun to watch.

What sets these 2 products apart from the competition are the accessories. Both have a lot of different accessories that can be purchased to increase the number of exercises.

Where the Xbar differs from both the Harambe System and the X3 bar are the resistance bands. While both X3 and Harambe use flat resistance bands, the Xbar uses rounded sleeved bands with carabiners on the ends. This makes certain exercise setups easier and certain exercise setups a little more difficult.

The XBar looks more like an EZ Curl bar and in fact it basically is, with rings on the end for attaching the exercise bands. The bar consists of some type of heavy duty chromoly metal and then is wrapped in a rubberized coating. It makes for exceptional grip without the worry of shredding the hands that Knurl bars can sometimes do.

I found the bar curves to be nice for certain exercises, allowing for grip variation.

One thing that doesn’t come with the Xbar is a nice resistance band plate. I find the plates do add to the experience of an exercise routine, like curls and squats.

For those that have wrist issues, you may prefer the Xbar over the Harambe bars.

Both systems are good, but IMO the clear winner is Harambe System for its innovative design and great looks.

Gorilla Bow (

Out of the resistance band tools we have used, the Gorilla bow is probably the most unique. If you have ever used a traditional bow, you will feel right at home using the Gorilla Bow.

Gorilla Bow offers both a standard version of their Bow and also a travel version that breaks down into 3 pieces. While X3 and Harambe system have flat resistance bands, Gorilla Bow and Xbar offer rounded resistance bands.

The Gorilla Bow resistance bands have notches on their ends that hold the bands in place when they are attached.

In our testing we felt the Gorilla Bow was perfect with class training, but had limitations for those looking to use it as an alternative to weights.

Gorilla Bow Setup

Interview questions with Khalid

When did you first think of creating a resistance band system?

Around April 2020.

How many years did it take to create before you were ready for production?

It took about 6 months after I discovered the pulley and sling system to start production and sales of the bars. I was mostly making them all in my bedroom in my small apartment in Manhattan. I didn’t have anything resembling a garage–so I was working a drill press in my bedroom! It took another year or so before we started selling a complete system with our own bands.

Did you design the system or did you have someone else design it for you?

I designed all of Harambe System’s products myself. I used calculus, mechanics, finite element analysis, and real world tests to ensure the strength of all parts.

How did you come up with the idea of the cradle, cord and pulley system?

The idea to use rope came from my rock climbing hobby. I was always drawn to the science behind ropes and knots. And my background as a mathematician and artist helped, I think.

Are you still based in Farmingdale, NY or are you planning on moving locations?

We are still based in Farmingdale, NY. Not planning on moving locations, but we might have more locations open up in the future.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a professional commercial grade resistance band system you will not find anything better. The Harambe System is simple the best resistance band exercise set you can find. It is super versatile and will have you enjoying each and every set.

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