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Bellicon Vs Jumpsport Rebounders

About a year ago Kathleen, my wife, got it in her head that she wanted a rebounder and so off I went to do my research. Two companies consistently ranked as the best, which includes Bellicon and Jumpsport.

For those that are wondering what a Rebounder exactly is, think of a mini trampoline and your 90% of the way there. Unlike traditional trampolines that allow you to do flips and acrobatics, rebounders (fitness trampolines) are smaller, usually round and are designed for low impact workouts and fitness exercises. The rebounders are also claimed to promote a healthy lifestyle by boosting lymphatic drainage and improving immune function.

As someone who is an avid cyclist and runner, a rebounder makes perfect sense as a low impact alternative for warming up and cooling down and for cross-training. Rebounders are also a ton of fun and since they are low impact, recovery after a rebounder workout is usually faster.

Bellicon Classic Rebounder

We contacted both Bellicon and JumpSport to send out units for review, but they didn’t quite get the GearMashers angle and their review discount for purchase wasn’t optimal, so we settled on purchasing used, which turned out to be a Bellicon Classic 49″ model.

When choosing between Bellicon and JumpSport, you really can’t go wrong either, but we opted for the Bellicon because we found a sweetheart of a deal we couldn’t pass up via Facebook Marketplace.

Bellicon Rebounders

Bellicon makes 4 different rebounder models including

  • Bellicon Classic (Available in 39”, 44” and 49”)
  • Bellicon Premium (Available in 44” and 49”)
  • Bellicon Plus (Available in 44” and 49″)
  • Bellicon Jumping (Available in 54”)

The entry-level rebounder, the Bellicon Classic is no joke, it is well made and is probably the best overall fitness trampoline for the money in the Bellicon line. The only real difference between the Classic and Premium is materials and of course a big jump in price ($499 vs $939 starting price). Either one will give you a great workout, so our recommendation is to save the money and just get the classic model.


For those who want a little support, both the Bellicon Plus and Bellicon Jumping come standard with a T-shaped accessory bar. The T-Bar allows for additional exercises that the Classic and Premium don’t offer right out of the box. Unfortunately, if you buy the Classic or Premium, you don’t have the option to add a T-Bar later, so if that is something you may want, we recommend the Bellicon Plus.

Leg Options

Bellicon offers 2 types of leg attachments including screw-on and folding. If you plan on traveling or stowing your Bellicon, go for the folding legs option. If you want to save a bit of money choose the screw-on.

Bungee Choice

One of the biggest differences between Bellicon and JumpSport is Bellicon’s vast array of bungee choices. You can buy bungees based on strength and color. Once you decide on a particular Bellicon model, you will be required to choose the strength of the bungee cords and color.

When selecting bungee strength, the most important factor is your body weight. Bellicon recommends choosing the Optimal Strength based on their bungee chart.

Consider choosing a FIRMER bungee strength if:

•   You are mainly interested in combating osteoporosis or osteopenia.
•   You suffer from chronic foot pronation that requires corrective footwear.
•   You plan on primarily doing fast-paced exercises or jogging.

Consider choosing a SOFTER bungee strength if:

•   You are mainly interested in “Health Bouncing,” which is gentle bouncing that is used to renew fitness, muscle tone, balance, and overall health.
•   You have issues with your back, knees, joints, discs or vertebrae, or any condition that requires the gentlest possible performance.
•   You suffer from osteoarthritis or lymphedema in your legs.

NOTE: Using a bungee strength that’s firmer than the Optimal Strength recommended for your weight won’t produce a more challenging workout, though it will make faster-paced exercises easier due to the shallower bounce. In fact, using bungees appropriate for your weight produces a workout that’s “bounce-for-bounce” more effective than with firmer bungees, because a deeper bounce increases muscular engagement.

JumpSport Rebounders

JumpSport offers 3 variations of their rebounders including the JumpSport 200, 300 and Pro series.

From our perspective, the Pro series is probably your best option when choosing a JumpSport model. You will pay more, but the pro series offers a wider platform (44″) and more adjustability in bungee tension.

JumpSport uses what they call FlexBounce connectors and knotted elastic cords which allow users to tighten the jumping mat to the desired firmness. 

The Pro series offers 7 settings for Mat firmness and cord adjustment, while the 300 offers 5 and the 200 just comes with a single setting.


One unique feature of the 300 and pro series rebounders are the arched legs. JumpSport claims that designing the legs like this allows for easier mounting and dismounting of the trampoline. It also adds a bit more stability since the legs are actually angled outside of the frame.

Choosing The Right Rebounder

When trying to decide between Bellicon and Jumpsport there are a few differences that you might want to consider.

  • Price – Bellicon rebounders are more expensive and are priced between $100 to $300 more than the Jumpsport equivalents.
  • Height – Jumpsport rebounder models are 2″ inches shorter and make it a bit easier to get on and off. (12 inches high vs 14 inches)
  • Size – Bellicon likes to say bigger is better, which is why they make a 49″ rebounder model. Jumpsport’s largest rebounder is 44″.
  • Warranty – Jumpsports come with a 5-year warranty vs a 1 year for Bellicon.
  • Storage – Jumpsport makes a foldable version of their rebounder, making it the most compact rebounder of the two.
  • Color Selection – Bellicon offers a wide range of color combinations for both the mat and bungees. JumpSport’s fitness trampolines come in a more traditional black setup.
  • Resistance – Both Bellicon and Jumpsport use bungees for resistance vs spring type rebounders like the Cellerciser. Bellicon offers various bungee strengths depending on your weight and bounce preference. On the 300 and Pro JumpSport models, you can adjust the mat tension. To adjust the Bellicon tension you will need to purchase different sets of bungees based on strength.

Bellicon Vs JumpSport Rebounders

HEIGHT12.5" High14" High
LEGSArched. Can order both folding and non folding in most models.Straight. Can order both folding and non folding in most models.
FRAME39" or 44" diameter with 1/2 fold options39", 44", 49" diameter with no 1/2 fold option, 54" hexagonal frame
ELASTIC CORD SUSPENSION SYSTEM39" - 30 or 36 cords w/ 2-5 year warranty
44" - 36 cords w/ 5 year warranty
39" - 30 cords w/ 1 year warranty
44" - 36 cords w/ 1 year warranty
49" - 42 cords w/ 1 year warranty
Hexagonal - 48 cords w/ 1 year warranty
3" BOUNCE CYCLESUp to 1.6 million (depending on model)Up to 500k ("strong" cords)
FIRMNESS LEVELSUp to 7 adjustable settings and two firmness options (depending on model)Non-adjustable, choose firmness before ordering
WEIGHT RATING225lb – 325lb (depending on model)80 - 440 lb (depending on cord firmness selected)
VIDEOS4-in-1 DVD included + 30 day Free Trial to streaming videos & additional DVDsOne DVD included + 14 day Free Trial to streaming videos
PRICE RANGE39” - $199 TO $419
44” - $499 TO $619
39" - $499 TO $638
44" - $639 TO $1,108
49" - $859 TO $1,318
Hexagonal - $919

About The Author

Tom Crandall

Tom has been writing about photography, cycling, running and fitness since 1988, covering everything from the product reviews to the latest in fitness trends. Tom is the Editor-in-chief of,,,, and a few other publications, he began racing in college while getting an Information Resource Management degree at George Mason University. Based in the photography and cycling-crazed city of Austin, Texas, with his wife Kathleen and pug Olaf, Tom enjoys running, walking or riding most every day.


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