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Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review | 2017

Italian flare + cycling shoes = perfection.  The 2017 Crono CR1 Cycling Shoes are just about perfect.  They have the right amount of color and performance to win over many cycling enthusiasts.  At the 2017 Interbike show, I got a chance to check out Crono’s new lineup of cycling shoes.  I hadn’t heard of Crono (, so I was excited to see what they had to offer.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review | 2017

Crono Cycling History

Crono Cycling LogoThe Crono brand has been around for 44 years and was established in 1973.  I was told that Crono also worked on the Fi’zi:k brand of cycling shoes, but I could be wrong on this.  Crono is family owned and has been since it’s inception.  The company’s factory is based in Treviso, Italy.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Discount

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Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review | 2017

This week the Crono CR1’s arrived and I got my first chance to ride with them.  To say I was pumped is an understatement.  The CR1’s deliver great comfort and fit.  They run true to size and have a better lacing system than the Fi’zi:k R1B UOMOs.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review Box

Crono Package Arrives

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review Shoe Box

The Crono CR1 pair of cycling shoes size 43.5 arrive safe and sound.

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa lacing system Side

We received the CR1 in white with black and red accents.  An absolutely brilliant color scheme.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe 2018

The Crono comes standard with 2 Boa IP1-S double way closure with nylon coated steel lace systems.  The dials have the ability to tighten or loosen with a micro adjustment click.  The Crono also has laser holes on the side to help with ventilation.

Crono Bottom Adjustment Boa 2018

The lower BOA system really provides a lot of tension if needed, which is evenly distributed on the lower sides of the feet.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Inside 2018

The shoes require a bit more finesse when putting them on due to the large strap.  I found I had to open loosen up the BOA tension all the way.

The shoes come with a standard 3 hole system.  I wasn’t exactly sure what the middle sliding bracket was for.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review Bottom

The absolute beauty of the shoe is both on the top an bottom.  Just look at the great lettering and carbon weave.  It is just stunning.  By looking at the heal cup you wouldn’t realize it’s replaceable, but it is.  Just another nice touch Crono employs.  The heal cup is screwed in from the inside of the shoe, eliminating screw port on the outside.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review Shimano Clipless

Added the standard Shimano SPD SL cleats

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review Underside

You can see the cleat sticks out a bit on either side of the sole.

Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review

The CR1 Cycling Shoe is Crono’s top the line performance road cycling shoe.  Crono breaks their road shoes out into 4 categories including CR1, CR2, CR3 and CR4.   With each category drop, the shoes have less high end qualities.  The CR4 cycling shoes for example do away with the the Boa closure system and replace it with velcro straps and buckles.

You have 4 color options with the CR1 including White, Black, Red and Gold.

Like most high end cycling shoes the Crono uses Boa’s IP1-S double way closure system, which allows you to back off tension by turning the Boa clockwise or popping up the Boa nob.

Multi Contact Closure System

Crono has developed what they call a Multi Contact Closure System, that hugs the foot in place.  When I tried on the shoes, I felt like I could really crank down the tension to get a super secure fit.  Crono claims the new closure system prevents the heal from moving and reduces foot slippage.

Crono CR1 multi-contact Boa dial closure System Road Cycling Shoes

People who have wide feet, might have issues with these shoes, since my impression is they run normal to slim.

Synthetic Microfiber Upper and Molded Carbon Bottom

The shoes come with a synthetic microfiber upper and molded carbon bottom, which certainly makes them stiff and perfect on climbs.  Like many of their competitors, the shoes do come with replaceable heels cups, which are helpful if you walk in your shoes a lot.  At first I didn’t realize the help cup was replaceable until I removed the shoe insert and saw the heal cup screw.

Crono uses an anti-slip material in the heel to prevent slippage and it feels much like sharkskin.

Crono CR1 Ventilation

Crono uses laser drilled holes on the sides and aeration on the tongue.  It also comes with a mesh air port on the bottom to increase airflow throughout the shoe.

Crono CR1 Weight

The Crono CR1’s are claimed to weigh 235g, but the ones I was sent (Size 43.5) came in at 324g.  A 89 gram difference, so depending on your size, your shoes will vary.

Crono CR1 Weight in grams with Shimano SPD-SL yellow cleats

Crono CR1 (Size 43.5) weight without cleats.

Crono CR1 weight In Grams

Crono CR1 (Size 43.5) weight with Shimano SPD-SL Yellow Cleats.  The Shimano SPD-SL cleats have a claimed weight of 90g per pair.


  • Developed by the CRONO Research and development office, Includes the Boa® IP1-S double way closure with nylon coated steel lace,
  • applied with the innovative MULTI CONTACT system, which adapts to most foot shapes, ensuring the perfect heel position.
  • Made of high quality and light weight microfiber, even more
  • breathable by the laser made openings; the heel grip is enhanced by the application of no-slip lining and the insertion of a special
  • reinforcement.
  • Equipped with the new FULL CARBON sole with scale value of 10+ downturn.
  • Colors: 4 (Black, Red, Gold and White)
  • Sizes: Whole sizes from 37-48 and half sizes from 41-46
  • Weight: 235g
  • Retail: $449.00

Crono R1 Cycling Shoes 2017

Crono’s cycling shoe line featuring the CR1, CR2, CR3 and CR4

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe 2017 Black

The CR1 comes in 3 flavors, Black, White and Red.  They all look hot.  For those that like white, these will get dirty on the tips when cycling.  I have a par of white Fi’zi:k R1B and I am always cleaning them.

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe 2017 White

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe 2017 Red

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa lacing system Side

The Crono CR1’s use a dual Boa lacing system called the Boa® IP1-S double way closure.  The laces are nylon coated steel that are supposed to hold up to a lot of cycling abuse.  I tried on a 43 at the show and was really able to crank down on the laces more so than my other cycling shoes.  The shoes were a bit small, I wear a size 43.5, but I probably could have worn them if needed.

The shoes run true to size.

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa lacing system bottom Side Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa lacing system front  Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa lacing system Top Side Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa lacing system Top

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa Carbon Bottom

The CR1’s are equipped with the new Crono’s new FULL CARBON sole (scale value of 10+ downturn)

Crono R1 Cycling Shoe Boa Heal

The heel is equipped with Crono’s special lining overlap injection of anti-slip material.

Bottom Line | Crono CR1 Cycling Shoe Review

The Crono CR1 look absolutely stunning and many companies could learn from Crono’s Italian craftsmanship.  Sizing on these shoes was perfect with zero complaints.  The BOA IP1-S double way closure system is one of the best I have used, creating the perfect amount of tension throughout the shoe.   You’re able to really crank down on either BOA or both if needed for a super snug fit.

I did find the shoes to run a bit hot and they would probably not be my first choice if the temps are above 85 degrees.  While the CR1 do have laser hole cutouts and some venting at the front bottom of the shoe,  there are other shoes on the market that have better venting properties and more air flow.

Crono does offer the CR2, which looks to have a ton of venting at the toe of the shoe and also along the tongue.  What is missing from the CR2 is the the wide strap at the top that the CR1 has.  For spring, fall and winter the CR1 is a clear winner.  If it’s summer I would opt for the CR2 to help keep the feet a bit cooler.  The CR2 is available in two versions – one with the full carbon sole (235g each) like the CR1 and the other with a carbon-reinforced nylon sole (270g).


The retail price point on the shoes is $449.00, which is certainly something to think about, but I haven’t seen a better quality cycling shoe.  In this case you definitely get what you pay for and that is a fantastic cycling shoe with killer looks and amazing functionality.

Check out the Crono CR1 and their other lineup at and

Crono CX Cycling Shoes

Crono also carries a line of off road shoes including the CX2, CX3 and CX4.  The CX2 is roughly equivalent to Crono’s CR2 road shoes, but made to be a bit beefier for cyclecross and mountain biking.  They also have a winter shoe known as the CW1 and triathlon shoe called the CT1.

Crono GTX Cycling Shoe Mountain Bike Crono GTX Cycling Shoe

Crono GTX Cycling Shoe Bottom


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