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Gariz Leather Half Case Review

Korean accessory maker Gariz makes an absolutely lovely leather half-case for the Sony RX100 line of cameras known as the Gariz Leather Half Case, available in both brown and black.

Gariz Rx100 Half Case


Unboxing The Gariz Genuine Leather Half Case Sony RX100 V

The Gariz half case arrived in a black box with silver lettering.

Gariz Genuine Leather Half Case Sony Rx100 V Box

Gariz Genuine Leather Half Case Sony Rx100 V Open Box

The Gariz Half Case comes with a protective bag.

The Gariz half case includes a protective baggy.  It doesn’t provide any cushioning or real protection outside of the box.  I will probably throw it away.

Gariz Genuine Leather Half Case Sony Rx100 V Bag

The case is Leather with a metal bottom.

Taking the Gariz half case out, you can see that it is a really nice Sony RX100 accessory utilizing a leather wrap and a metal base.  Yeah it will make your RX100 look pretty legit.  As far as I know, the Gariz camera case will work with the RX100 Mark 3 – Mark 5.

A Little Rant

In 2018 Sony released the RX100 Mark 6, but from a vloggers perspective, the RX100 Mark V is a better camera.  It has a wider angle and is better in low light (F1.8 vs F2.8).  To say I was really disappointed with the Sony RX100 mark 6 is an understatement.  I had high hopes after the Sony A7iii release, that Sony would hit it out of the park with the RX100 Mark 6, yet they came out with a totally different camera than what people, especially vloggers, were looking for.

Gariz Half Case No Tools Needed

The Gariz half case doesn’t require any tools to mount to your camera.  Gariz includes a camera screw with a flip up handle that makes it super easy to attach or remove the case.

Gariz Half Case Screw with Handle

Gariz Half Case Screw with handle flip up


Gariz Sony RX100 V Half Case Review

Half cases have become popular accessories for digital cameras.  They help to partially protect a camera and give it that retro look.  Half cases also provide more grip to hold a camera.  One of the main issues with the Sony RX100 camera line is the fact that they tend to be slippery, not having any type of real grip to hold.  Using a half case adds a little bulk to the camera, feeling better in the hand and more grippy.

The Gariz Leather Half Case is designed with a leather wrap and a metal base.  The leather helps protect the camera from side impact and the metal base helps protect the camera when setting it down on the ground.  In addition, the metal base includes a tripod mount for positioning the camera on a tripod.  The Gariz Leather Half Case also provides a grip bump that helps when holding the camera.

Gariz Rx100 Half Case Genuine Leather

Gariz Rx100 Half Case Genuine Leather metal bottom


Product Specs

Gariz Sony RX100 MK3 / MK4 Genuine Leather Camera Half Case HG-RX100M3BR

  • Made from high quality genuine leather
  • Allows access to the battery / memory card compartment
  • Unique “Locking time” attachment system, Separate tripod mount
  • Soft inner lining printed with Gariz logo, Supplied in soft carrying bag and presentation box
  • Allows full access to all the Camera functions
  • Retail: $99.00


Gariz Half Case Q & A

Below are some of the question people commonly ask about the Gariz half case line.  If you have another question that isn’t covered, please leave a comment and I will try to answer your question.

Will the Gariz Half Case work with a Sony grip? 

NO. The Gariz Leather half case has it’s own little hand grip rod that makes holding the RX100 much easier.  Gariz does make another model that will work with a Sony grip.

Will this work on a Rx100 3, Rx100 4 & Rx100 5.

YES. The RX100 Mark 3, Mark 4 and Mark 5 have essentially the same body and it should work on all those models.

Can you change the Battery with the half case on?

NO.  You have to remove the case if you want change either the battery or the SD card.


Bottom Line

Gariz hit a home run with their camera leather half case.  The quality and fit are perfect.  I was actually pretty surprised how nice the half case is and how easy it is to mount and remove.  It provides the right amount of grip without adding bulk.

The only change I would make would be to move the tripod mount closer to the center of the lens if possible.

▶ BUY – Gariz Camera Half Case

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