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J.B. Camera Designs | Camera Grips | Camera Straps

Occasionally I will come across a product or products that I think are rather cool.  Such is the case with J.B. Camera Designs who offer both Camera Grips and Camera Straps for the budding photographer and professional a like.

J.B. Camera Designs | Camera Grips | Camera Straps 2018

J.B. Camera Designs | Camera Grips | Camera Straps Leather and Rope 2018

J.B. Camera Designs

J.B. Camera Designs is owned and operated by a passionate photographer and photo equipment enthusiast. The idea for the first custom designed GRIP-CASE came after I scratched the bottom surface of my new Fuji X100, while I was setting it down to chase my kids playing in the driveway. I tried the leather half-cases available, but did not like the flimsy nature of a leather case and the unstable base they created. I sketched out the original design, and the rest is history.

I’m excited to keep designing new protective, ergonomic improving products for high-end enthusiast cameras. Our next generation of hand-crafted premium wood and bamboo grips, have allowed me to join my two passions of photography and wood-working.

Thank you for your interest in my unique, hand-crafted, made in the USA products!

Keep shooting!


J.B. Camera Designs | Camera Grips

Camera Grips seem all the rage these days.  They help protect the bottom of your camera and give it a little bit of personality.  Considering high end cameras range from $1k to $6k, adding a little bit of protection does make you feel a bit safer when using it around town.  J.B. offers both wooden and synthetic grips ranging in price from $24.99 to $99 depending on camera and material.





J.B. Camera Designs | Camera Straps

The J.B Camera Designs Camera Straps come in 2 flavors (Nylon Rope and Leather).

JB Camera Designs Camera Straps

JB Camera Designs Wrist Straps

JB Camera Designs Wrist Straps Leather

Product Specs


Durable nylon rope wrist straps ($39.95)


  • These premium Teton wrist straps are hand-stitched to last a lifetime.
  • Unique Rope is 100% Made in the USA – durable nylon sheath.
  • The soft and supple premium rope and leather allows you to stuff it easily in your camera bag or backpack while not causing any damage to your camera or lenses.
  • Each strap ships with two rubber O-rings that can be installed around the camera lugs before inserting the split ring. This reduces any chance of camera wear from the silver rings (Please see picture below for demonstration).
  • The custom designed leather “slip” piece allows the wrist strap to lock on accidental camera fall, but also easily releases for taking the strap off the wrist.
  • We love these on our cameras and we think you will too.


Hand stitched leather wrist straps ($34.95)


  • The J.B. SIMPLE wrist strap is hand-stitched of soft premium leather and adds a rich unique look to your favorite camera and great security while shooting.
  • The unique shallow profile strap design allows for multiple camera holding positions based on the lug location – strap can comfortably rest between your palm and the camera or can hold over you’re the outside of your hand for zero interference while shooting.
  • The SIMPLE wrist strap is designed to allow easy one hand tightening and loosening while still providing enough “lock” to secure the camera in case of a drop.
  • The low bulk design of the SIMPLE wrist strap makes placing into a camera bag quick and easy.
  • Each SIMPLE wrist strap is proudly made with Love in the USA (Oklahoma) by the one the proud craftsmen of J.B. Camera Designs.

Bottom Line
You can find out more about J.B. Camera Designs by visiting the following


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