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Mission Workshop The Hauser Hydration Pack

Hydration is wicked important during the hot summer months and Mission Workshop designed a really cool Hydration Pack called “The Hauser”.

If you read our last review on the Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack, you will already know we are big fans of MW.  I like to think of the Hauser as the Vandal’s smaller brother.  The perfect size for quick outings and mountain biking.

Mission Workshop The Hauser Hydration Pack

After talking to Dustin over at MW, a package was on it’s way for review.  When the package arrived it was in ripstop type plastic mailing bag.

Mission Workshop Hydration Pack The Hauser

Opening the package revealed a super cool bright red and black Hauser backpack.

Mission Workshop The Hauser Hydration Pack

Mission Workshop Hauser 4of of July

The backpack came just in time for the 4th of July celebration.

hydrationpack Mission Workshop Hauser hydrationpack Mission Workshop


The Hauser was designed to go anywhere in all conditions.  Being completely weatherproof it is designed to keep your gear dry.

Perforated back panel and shoulder straps ensure complete ventilation and moisture management. Equipped with a frame sheet for added structure.

The Hauser hydration pack has a total of four weatherproof exterior pockets to provide easy access to gear, and the included tool-roll is fully removable and provides four additional zippered mesh pockets designed to hold all the necessary hand tools as well as a tube and pump. The main cargo compartment is secured by a roll-top closure which can also be used in the flap-down configuration to provide additional coverage for the front zippers.

Compatible with most hydration reservoirs up to 3 liters including Camelbak, Hydrapak, Platypus, and Osprey/Nalgene. Use your existing hydration reservoir or purchase one from us. Full zippered opening on hydration pocket allows easy access to reservoir.

The Hauser comes in 10L or 14L variants.  We chose the 10L and are really happy with the size.  Obviously the 14L is bigger, but since we already own Vandal it made perfect sense to get the smaller version.

The backpack comes in an assortment of colors, plus a few colors not even listed.  I did see it in a bright orange and we happen to get a nice color red.

Hauser Color Selection


The Hauser has 2 main adjustment straps on the shoulders, 1 across the chest and 1 across the waist.  The shoulder straps can be adjusted by cinching the straps tighter or looser and by moving each shoulder strap connection to 1 of 2 positions.  The chest strap can be moved up or down based on desired fit.  The waist strap is you typical waist strap with the option of moving the strap to 1 of 2 connection points.

We found the fit to work well and depending on your needs you can really tighten the pack down.

Mission Workshop Hauser Honey comb material

The backpack has honey comb air pockets that help the backpack breath when it is hot outside.  Notice the adjustable sliding chest strap and bladder hose holders.

The Hauser Mission Workshop Back

Both the shoulder strap and waist strap can be shifted to an alternate buckle location for comfort and fit.


The Hauser has perforated back panel and shoulder straps in a honey comb pattern.  Biking in 90 degree of Austin heat will definitely cause your back to get a bit sweaty because there isn’t as much airflow as some other packs we have tried.  It’s really sort of a trade off, the packs that allow more airflow in general aren’t as comfy.

I believe our bag is either using CORDURA or HT500, similar to what is used for our Vandal backpack.

Mission Workshop Materials


The Hauser hydration pack has a total of four weatherproof exterior pockets using YKK zippers and weather proofing material.  There is also a 270 degree zipper for housing the hydration bladder and a rollup deep pocket.

The Hauser Mission Workshop side pocket

You can easy fit a normal iPhone in a case in the side pocket with room to spare.

The Hauser Mission Workshop Top pocket

An iPhone will also fit in the top pocket, although I preferred to put it in the side and put keys and my wallet in the top.

The Hauser Mission Workshop center pocket

A U-Lock fits perfectly in the center pocket.  We typically use both a U-Lock and a chain lock when biking around the city and both could easily be accommodated by The Hauser with plenty of room to spare.

The Hauser Mission Workshop Main Pouch

The main compartment has ample room for a pair of shoes, shorts and t-shirt.  We also used it for a large rolled up towel when watching the 4th of July.

The Hauser Mission Workshop rolltop

The top can be set to either be flap down or in roll top as seen.

hydrationpack_iMac Air

We weren’t able to test this out, but I believe the 14L can hold an iMac Air computer in the main duffle pocket.

Mission Workshop tool-roll

The pack also comes with a handy Tool roll, because we all know there are two types of bikers.  Those who get flats and those who will get flats.  The rollup fit’s nicely inside the center pocket for easy access.

Mission Workshop bags-accessories-banner


OK so we have covered the basics of the Hauser backpack, but of course there is that Hydration thingy going on.  Yes the Hauser can carry all sorts of liquids in the back part of the pack and it makes swapping out bladders super easy.  Just unzip the back section, Velcro the bladder’s top to the bag, weave the hydration tube to either side and zip the hydration section back up.

Hauser Hydration Insert 1

Hauser Hydration Insert 2 Hauser Hydration Insert 3

Hauser Hydration Insert 4

The hydration tube is secured by threading it through a retention strap and the tube holder.  Once everything is secure, you are good to go.

Having the bladder close to your back helps cool you down a bit and keeps is more stable.


Mission Workshop has created another winner with “The Hauser”.  It’s the perfect size backpack for those wanting to adventure out on day trips or mountain bike excursions.  The pack is very adjustable and looks great on.  The multiple pockets means you will have plenty of room for all your essentials (Keys, wallet, phone…) and plenty of room for other small gear.

The Hauser doesn’t come cheap, at $205 retail without a water bladder, it may turn some off.  That said, it’s definitely a smart looking backpack with a really cool vibe.   For those looking for American made products with a Lifetime warranty, Mission Workshop has you covered.

For those who want to carry water bottles on the bag, it really isn’t designed for that, instead you will want a bladder.  Having a pocket on the shoulder strap or waist would be a nice addition.

Oh and meeting a legend in the cycling world sporting your Hauser doesn’t hurt.

Lance Armstrong Tom Crandall Mellow Johnnys Austin

Check out Mission Workshop ( for other cool items including backpacks, clothes and accessories.



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  1. Leo W.

    You can attach Mission. Workshop’s ARKIV Cell Pocket and the included ARKIV clips to the front of the shoulder straps – thus giving you another pocket on your front.


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