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Ryders Eyewear Roam Fyre Cycling Sunglasses REVIEW

Ryders Eyewear Roam Fyre Cycling Sunglasses REVIEW

Back in 2017 I got to meet the fine folks at Ryders Eyewear during Interbike’s Outdoor Expo.

Ryders Eyewear Roam FYRE Interbike

Ryders Eyewear booth at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo

Ryders hails from Canada and over 30 years ago Brett Martin launched the company after his successful mountain bike win in 1986.  The goal was to establish a company that would create amazing sunglasses for cyclists and adventurous types who required the best in sun protection and functionality for their eyewear.

Ryders Eyewear Roam Fyre Cycling Sunglasses REVIEW 2018


Ryders claim to fame is their ridiculously amazing Antifog coating which helps prevent fogging issues make them pretty much non-existent.

The glasses are treated with 2 antifog hydrophobic coatings, one on the front and one on the back.  Ryders uses a military-grade, hydrophilic layer on the rear of the glasses that helps absorb and disperses water vapor/humidity throughout the material, eliminating the opportunity for it to condense on the surface as fog.  On the front of the glasses the hydrophobic coating helps to shed water to provide a clear view, free from large drops and water marks.  The synergy of the 2 hydrophobic coatings makes the glasses virtually fog proof.


Ryders Roam Fyre Cycling Sunglasses

The Ryders Roam comes with MLV MIRROR (Mulit-Layer VARIA™ Mirror): Reflects additional light away from lens without causing any negative effects on photochromic performance

Ryders Eyewear Roam Cycling Sunglasses

The Ryders Roam Varia™ photochromic technology changes color instead of simply getting darker or lighter.

Ryders Roam FYRE Sunglasses

The Ryders Roam COLOR BOOST Enhances color perception and Boosts the most important tones. It creates a more vibrant environment

Ryders Eyewear Roam FYRE Sunglasses
The Roam sunglasses come in 3 flavors including

  • FYRE™ Light Grey – Grey with Blu
  • FYRE™ Yellow – Brown with Gold
  • FYRE™ Pink – Purple with Red MLV

FYRE is Ryders most advanced lenses that were specifically developed for cycling and include many advanced features to improve vision, sun and eye protection.

  • NXT® LENS: Superior optics compared to traditional lenses / Extremely impact resistant
  • Varia™: Vast photochromic range (Category 1 – 3) / Lens changes color instead of simply getting darker or lighter // Fast acting in all temperatures
  • antiFOG: Military-grade fog resistance / Permanently bonded to lens
  • COLOR BOOST: Enhances color perception / Boosts the most important tones / Creates a more vibrant environment
  • MLV MIRROR (Mulit-Layer VARIA™ Mirror): Reflects additional light away from lens / No negative effects on photochromic performance

Ryders Roam Fyre Lenses

We received the Roams with the FYRE™ Pink – Purple with Red MLV lenses and we absolutely love how the lenses react to lighting changes.  Ryders Varia photochromic lenses changes color instead of simply getting darker or lighter, which is perfect for early morning and evening rides when light conditions are continuously changing.

I found the Pink – Purple lenses to be optimal on bright sunny days, but a little dark in low light conditions.  In those situations the Grey or Yellow lenses might be a better option.

Ryders Roam Roam Removable frame

The lower frame of the Roam is removable creating a frameless less obstructive view.  The glasses come with quick change system allowing the lower frame to be swapped out for a nose bridge.

My preference is to keep the lower frame, which provides a bit more eye protection and IMO looks better.

Overall the Roam performed amazingly well without any fogging or issues.


Ryders Eyewear Roam

  • 100% protection from UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful, high-energy light to 400nm
  • Photochromic lenses respond quickly and reliably to light conditions, transitioning through a wide range from light to dark and improving the recognition of some colors by 20%
  • antiFOG lenses have a military-grade hydrophilic layer that absorbs and disperses water vapor, greatly reducing condensation on the surface; never requires reapplication
  • Decentered lenses eliminate the distortion that contributes to eye fatigue
  • Scratch-resistant coating increases the innate durability of the NXT lenses
  • Convert frames from an inverted semi-rim to conventional shield glasses by removing the bottom frame
  • Frameless top expands your field of vision and allows humidity to escape
  • Grilamid® TR90 frames are flexible, durable and lightweight
  • Adjustable hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips resist slipping
  • Frame fits best on medium-large faces; weighs 32g
  • Retail: $239

Bottom Line

Ryders Roam Fyre At Zilker Park Austin

My wife Kathleen and friends enjoying a night out at Zilker Park in Austin.

I am really digging the Ryders Roam.  While this wouldn’t be my first choice of sunglasses in low light conditions, in moderate to bright conditions is does exceeding well.  The glasses simply don’t fog and the rosie color hue gives a great vibe to everything you look at and makes wearing them a joy.

They go down as one of our favorites.

Purchase Your Next Pair Of Ryders Eyewear

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