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StemCaps Headset Cover Review

Looking to spice up your bike and make it stand out.  StemCaps (, a company out of Lockhart Texas has created a two-piece Stem Cap System consisting of a CNC machined aluminum base cap and a durable CNC machined plastic snap-on stem cover.

The cap is designed to cover what is referred to as a bike’s headset, top cap, or round thingy on top of your stem.  What is really innovative about StemCaps is the ability to switch caps based on your mood or whatever twists your fancy.  You can purchase already designed StemCaps or if you are the creative type, you can have them customize one for you.  StemCaps also makes customized team and store caps for those looking to have some unity.

This past week we had the good fortune of running into Jason Savill, project manager of StemCaps at a Mellow Johnny’s / Lance Armstrong Stages FB live event held here in Austin.  Jason showcased Lance’s upcoming WEDU line of StemCaps.

StemCaps WEDU Mellow Johnnys Lance Armstrong

Not one to let an opportunity go by, I asked Jason if he could send us some samples to put on our bikes.  A few days later the samples arrived.

StemCaps Package
StemCaps cycling headset covers

The StemCaps come in a rather cool plastic card sleeve with either the Stem Cap or Stem Cap base in the center.  To use them, simply pop them out and replace your current headset cap with a Stem Cap base and Stem Cap.

StemCaps Headset biking covers

Jason allowed us to choose a few StemCaps and I like the wording on the two above.  He also give us a refrigerator magnet to hold an extra StemCap and 2 bases (standard and a low pro base designed for carbon steerer compression plugs).

StemCaps Packaging 2
StemCaps Cover

I removed the stem cap with our Park Tools hex 4mm wrench and replaced it with the Stem Cap base.

StemCaps Headset Cover Review - On bike

Next I snapped on the “Limits Live In Our Minds” StemCap.  The whole setup process was super easy and as you can see really sets the mood for cycling.

Product-Review-Section-3 2020


I absolutely love the concept and implementation of the StemCaps system.  You can bling out your bike over and over again popping on various StemCaps based on your mood or preference.  If you want to go the extra mile and get something customized you can do that too.  They are perfect for promoting brands, teams, and stores.

What do you need?  In order to use a Stem Cap, you will need a Stem Cap base ($10 to $14) and at least 1 StemCap either from their collection of already created caps ($8) or create a customized one (Price dependent on order).

Stem Cap Base Prices
StemCaps Selection


$10 artwork set up fee minimum

  • 0-10: $13 per Stem Cap Cover, $10 per Stem Cap Base
  • 10-50: $11 per Stem Cap Cover, $8 per Stem Cap Base
  • 50+: contact us for pricing per cap and base


If you cycle or have a friend who cycles and are wanting something fun to add to a bike, StemCaps ( has you covered.

For Custom StemCaps contact for lead times or more information.

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