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Wahoo Fitness Trainer Floormats & Tacx Floormats

Wahoo Fitness Trainer Floormats & Tacx Floormats

Let’s face it, riding indoors can be a messy experience for those who sweat a lot.  Ride enough times without a floormat and your floor becomes a sweaty mess, so it should come as no surprise that getting a quality floor mat is an essential part of any indoor workout room.

Tacx Trainer Floormat

There are a lot of floor mats on the market and realistically they are all pretty useful, but some seem to stack up better and will last longer.

My current favorites right now are the Tacx Trainer Mat (rollable) and the Wahoo Fitness Trainer Floormat.  It should come as no surprise that both of these mats are designed by companies who make the best cycling trainers including the Tacx Neo and the Wahoo Fitness KICKR.

Beyond just being a sweat drip catcher, the mats act to help muffle the noise of your indoor training sessions and provide little extra grip.

Wahoo Fitness Trainer Floormat Review

Wahoo Fitness Trainer Mat 2018

The Wahoo KICKR Trainer Floor mat is sold rolled up like a Yoga Mat.  When you unbox it, you may have to reverse roll it, wait a few minutes and then roll it out.  Some people have complained that the mat doesn’t lay flat, but most of it has to do with the mat being rolled up for an extend period of time.  Once you unroll it, the mat eventually becomes flat.

I have had mine for several months and don’t have any issues with it not being flat.  The mat comes with a textured top that I assume helps provide a bit of grip, the bottom is less textured and is made from anti-slip material.

Dents and weight marks seem to vanish if you move the trainer around the mat.

I have found the mat to be extremely solid and well made and thus far it has been my mat of choice.


  • Perfect floormat partner for your Kickr, non-discriminatory against other brands
  • Insulates against noise and vibration
  • Material: 6mm thick 6P free PVC
  • Water resistant, with anti-slip texture
  • Size: 78″ x 36″
  • Retail: 69.99

You can purchase the Mat directly from Amazon or Wahoo Fitness.

Wahoo Fitness Trainer Mat - Store 2018

Tacx Trainer Mat Review

Tacx Trainer Foldable Version 2018

Tacx sells their trainer mats in both a rollable and foldable version.

Tacx Floor Mat Rollable 2018

The rollable trainer mat measures (180x85cm) and is a bit wider and longer than the foldable version (173×74 cm).

From feedback I have received many people prefer the Tacx’s rollable trainer mat over the foldable one.  Some have said if you sweat a lot, the larger mat is easier to clean and seems a bit more durable.  The problem with the foldable trainer mat is sweat gathers in the folds making it harder wipe down.

Larger Rollable Mat Features

  • Made from high quality, water-repellent 6mm thick foam
  • Protects your floor against scratches and sweat
  • Muffles noise and vibrations
  • 180 x 85 cm

Both the Tacx Foldable and Rollable mats retail for $79.77, so there really isn’t a reason not to get the rollable mat other than for space restrictions.

You can purchase the Mat directly from Amazon or Tacx.

Tacx Indoor Training Mat - Store 2018

Bottom Line – Trainer Mats

The Wahoo mat is about 8″ longer and 3″ wider than the larger Tacx rollup version, which means it does take up a bit more room.  If space is limited, you may want to opt for the Tacx foldable version.  For rooms that are dedicated to a trainer either the Wahoo or Tacx rollup mats should work.

Here is Shane Miller testing out the Wahoo Kicker Trainer Floormat

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