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Giro Techlace Cycling Shoes Review

Giro Techlace Cycling Shoes Review

Giro has been in the cycling business for over 30 years bringing cyclists fantastic technology for racing and training.  With the trend of many top named cycling companies replacing their shoe closure systems with BOAs, Giro has bucked the trend and gone old school with a twist.   Giro has developed a unique lacing technology they dubbed Giro Techlace.

Giro Techlace Cycling Shoes Review

For those not in the know, Giro Techlace is a lacing system that is part lace, part velcro, which allows for super fast entry and exit for fastening shoes.  Beyond the simplicity of the Techlace system, Giro has also managed to reduce the weight, something other competitors can’t match.

For those who love laces, the Techlace achieves lace up qualities and provides amazing adjustment on the fly.

Giro Prolight Techlace Cycling Shoes

Giro Prolight Techlace Cycling Shoe

Giro’s Prolight Techlace Cycling Shoes are a sick light 150 grams per shoe (size 42.5).  Talk about light, but don’t let these light weight shoes fool you.  The Prolight Techlaces also come with a substantial carbon platform called Textreme and titanium bolts.

Entry into these shoes is super fast and exit is just as easy.

Giro Factor Techlace Cycling Shoes

Giro Factor Techlace Cycling Shoe

If the $400 retail price of the Prolights was hard to swallow, you can save $50 by going with the Giro Factor with it’s slightly heavier design and added Boa dial.  At 210 grams per pair (size 42.5) the Factor Cycling Shoes are no slouches and give plenty of performance.

Giro Sentrie Techlace Cycling Shoe

The Sentrie is a full $150 less than the Prolight, yet still maintains similar features of it’s bigger brother.

Giro Techlace Cycling Shoe

Bottom Line – Giro Sentrie Techlace Cycling Shoes

For many even the $250 Giro Sentrie price tag will give them sticker shock, but for really good cycling shoes, that now seems to be the starting point.

I had hoped the Sentries would be cooler, but they ran a little hot, so for me they certainly wouldn’t be my choice for summer cycling shoes.  For spring or fall, I think they would be excellent.

The Techlace system is surprisingly good and is a breeze to use.  I found the shoes super easy to put on and take off.

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